Fluidra, Indra, Naturgy and PRIM

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The selective spanish It takes the 8,600 points that was lost on July 15, although yesterday’s candle leaves a certain feeling of wanting to take profits.

Despite this, as long as we do not see quotes below 8,565 points we must not be alerted yet.

However, whatever happens we always have a set of values ​​that are doing formidably well and several of them are worth being in. my control panel. They are in a very important technical moment in addition to having many investors attentive to them.

What should you invest in according to your age ?:

1) Fluidra: Brand new all-time highs closing at 36 euros and now we should see a continuity in the price if it does not lose 34.80 euros.

2) Indra: The value is prepare the attack at 8 euros that we saw earlier this month and that would leave a new rising high. We just have to watch that the 7.75 euros are not lost.

3) Naturgy: Brand new yearly highs above 22.42 euros and now we must wait to see the confirmation to assess a continuity towards the next resistance at 22.78 euros as a previous step to testing its all-time highs.

4) PRIM: With the breakout of the resistance of 12 euros confirmed, it now becomes support to watch while we expect a continuity of the rises.

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