Fluidra, Indra, Naturgy and ArcelorMittal

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The selective spanish the attack on 8,800 points is prepared with the support of the business results of the first half of the year.

Despite this, we cannot forget that the key from a technical point of view is at 8,830 points and if we cannot with this level, what we are seeing these days will be of no use.

However, whatever happens we always have a set of values ​​that are doing formidably well and several of them are worth being in. my control panel. They are in a very important technical moment in addition to having many investors attentive to them.

What should you invest in according to your age ?:

1) Fluidra: Lose 36 euros but for now we must treat it as a mere collection of benefits that it should not make us leave the value unless we see that the 34.85 euros are lost.

2) Indra: Recover the 8 euros that I cannot consolidate last Friday and now it is time to see the confirmation to assess the strength and desire to continue with the upward reaction towards the resistance of 8.80 euros.

3) Naturgy: As long as you do not lose the 22.42 euros we must wait to see a test of the resistance of 22.82 euros as a preliminary step to testing its all-time highs.

4) ArcelorMittal: Sets new yearly highs and now We must see if it confirms with a second close above 27.45 euros for value an ascending continuity in the price until the next resistance of 30.05 euros.

Evolution of the values ​​under monitoring Eduardo Bolinches VisualChart

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