Florinda Meza and La Chilindrina rivaled for a coat

Florinda Meza and La Chilindrina competed for a coat | Instagram

Few know some of the antecedents that culminated in the supposed “enmity” that for several years surrounded two of the most famous characters of the series “El Chavo del 8”, the actress from “La Chilindrina”, María Antonieta de las Nieves and Florinda Meza, they ended their friendship for a coat.

No one would have imagined that a reason that may seem so simple has ended the friendship of two of the great collaborators of the popular television show, “El Chavo del 8“, Florinda Meza and the one remembered for her character as”The chilindrina“They stopped talking and all for a fur coat.

When the cameras were turned off, little was known about what really happened in the middle of the series and its characters, love relationships arose and also friendship, although at some point many of these were affected by certain situations is what the fictitious daughter of “Don said. Ramón “, a character played by Ramón Valdés in the series.

When we arrived in our country, they brought two fur coats each, however, these were not authorized to enter them, Marie Antoinette hid one in her suitcase and advised the same to Meza, but she did not pay attention to what they ended up wrapped in a serious problem.

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What happened in Argentina would lead them to break the bond that they held in the beginning, María Antonieta revealed to Yordi Rosado in the interview after revealing that when they traveled somewhere they were young women so they took advantage of the time to go shopping, however, the fact of being discovered and having their garments taken away was the breaking point between the two. “That’s where I think our relationship broke down,” said the 70-year-old actress.

The theater and television actress, revealed one of the anecdotes in the middle of her remembered stage as a collaborator in the most beloved program on television, “El Chavo del 8” in “The Interview with Yordi Rosado”, the histrionic shared one of the The experiences he refers to marked the estrangement with the interpreter of “Doña Florinda”.

Florinda Meza, who played the remembered “mother of Quico” character played by Carlos Villagrán and with whom she would star in another great unknown due to an alleged relationship that existed outside the spotlight, they point out.

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For her part, María Antonieta de las Nieves, who has made a series of controversial statements, referred several weeks ago to a serious health problem that caused her characterization.

María Antonieta de las Nieves played for many years the restless, freckled and witty girl who day by day won the affection of a large public for several generations, “La Chilindrina” did not imagine that real life would prepare unpleasant surprises for her. your health and even your life at risk.

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The comedian reveals that playing one of her most beloved roles for so many years resulted in presenting “tumors” in the breasts area and she was about to lose one of them due to the consequences of the characterization she had to do.

I got really serious, I got a generalized infection, I almost lost a s3no, he said.

She shared that to give life and realism to her character as a child, she was forced during the recordings to bandage her chest, which over time would bring serious consequences, she revealed.

To see myself as a child, I would smash them, bandage them and everyone thought how professional I was at their job, but they ignored all the sacrifices I made.

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They said ‘Oh, how professional is Marie Antoinette, look at her, what a girl she looks like’. Well of course, if I was drowning, he maintained.