Florida surpasses the mark of 900,000 cases of coronavirus – .

Coronavirus cases in Florida reached 905,248 on Wednesday after reporting 7,925 new positives and 87 additional deaths of residents in the state, the Department of Health reported.

In total, the results of 104,996 tests were reported with a positivity rate of 8.16 percent, the second consecutive day that is above 8%.

In the last week, 47,236 new cases have been reported: 7,925 on Wednesday, 7,459 on Tuesday, 4,663 on Monday, 10,105 cases on Sunday, 4,544 on Saturday, 6,933 on Friday and 5,607 on Thursday. The average number of positives to COVID-19 in the last week is 6,748 per day.

Miami-Dade has so far had 207,221 cases and Broward 97,475. The two counties have the highest number of infected people in the state, where 17,731 residents have already died from COVID-19. Another 218 non-state residents have died in Florida, for a grand total of 17,949.

Cases are rising as news is known that a new vaccine with greater than 94% effectiveness is available soon

In Miami-Dade, 3,731 people have died from COVID-19 and 1,608 in Broward.

In addition, Palm Beach County has had 59,656 positive cases, while Monroe accumulates 2,892. A total of 52,637 people have been hospitalized in the state during this outbreak, which is not to say that all are hospitalized at this time.

In the central state, Hillsborough County has 53,900 cases and Orange has 52,862 confirmed cases of COVID-19. In the Southwest, Lee County has 26,989 positives and Collier County 16,308.

Florida continues to be the third state in the country most affected by SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, after California and Texas. In just one week, the US registered one million infections of COVID-19 and remains the country most affected by the pandemic.

President Donald Trump said the United States government would not deliver a coronavirus vaccine to New York if one was available.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo “will have to let us know when he’s ready because otherwise we can’t deliver (the vaccine) to a state that won’t deliver it to its people right away,” Trump said during a conference on press at the White House.

Miami Mayor Francis Suaárez insists on maintaining restrictions that, he said, contrast with the governor’s opinion.

Although the main concern is that hospitals will collapse, specialists insist that they are better prepared for this new stage and that treatments such as convalescent plasma or remdesivir in seriously ill patients are giving results.

Dr. Aileen Marty, an infectious disease specialist at Florida International University believes that “this is going to grow to a very dramatic extent that is already being seen in other parts of the United States.

The 10,000 positive cases reported in Florida this Sunday are accompanied by an unprecedented number of tests in the state: more than 146,000 tests reported in a single day.