Florida coronavirus cases reached 200,111 on Saturday after 10,059 new positives and 29 additional deaths were reported in the state, the Florida Department of Health reported.

The day before, the number of more cases had been reported in a day, with 11,458 new cases.

In the last week, some 53,770 new cases have been reported: 10,059 this Sunday, 11,458 on Saturday; 9,488 on Friday; 10,109 on Thursday; 6,563 on Wednesday; 6,093 on Tuesday and 5,356 on Monday. The average number of cases in the last week is 7,681 cases per day.

Miami-Dade now has 47,011 cases (2,282 new) and Broward 21,239 (1,664 new cases). The two counties have the highest number of infected people in the state, where 3,832 people have already died from COVID-19.

Between the two counties they account for almost 40% of the state’s cases reported this Sunday (3,946).

In addition, Palm Beach County has 16,836 positive cases and Monroe 367. A total of 15,895 people have been hospitalized in the state during this outbreak, which does not mean that all are hospitalized at this time.

In the center of the state, Hillsborough County records 14,336 cases and Orange has 14,032 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

In the Southwest, Lee County records 7,498 positives and Collier County 5,019.

Fear for available beds

Amid fears of a hospital crisis due to the alarming rate of positives, which has skyrocketed, local authorities have reinforced the call to wear a mask, some have made it mandatory, under penalty of fines, while Governor DeSantis resists to do so, considering that the severity of the pandemic is not the same in the different counties.

In the last 24 hours, 244 more hospitalizations were registered, going from 15,491 to 15,735, according to updated data on the page of the Government of Florida, which does not yet detail the current occupation, despite several requests.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio this week urged the Trump government to provide information on occupancy and availability of beds for COVID-19 patients and to expand testing capacity to facilitate the management of the pandemic.

The Cuban-American senator, who represents Florida in Washington, urged a “change of focus” in the information provided by the Government, to also include the number of beds available and occupied in intensive care units in hospital centers. .