The facilities have been closed and the police continue to investigate the events

Police say a 63-year-old woman was stabbed in the eye with a pair of scissors. The events occurred on Tuesday morning when the accused was in the children’s area of ​​a library in Daytona Beach (Florida).

The authorities confirmed that the woman had been transferred to a hospital for treatment for serious injuries to the face. According to various media in the area, the victim also suffered some injuries to his arm.

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Police have already arrested the assailant, Burnian Bedford, 55, a man known to spend a lot of time close to the library.

According to the police report, Bedford entered the area Tuesday where the woman works and greeted her before the attack. It is because of this detail that the researchers believe that the man and the woman had seen each other before, although they have not confirmed it.

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At the moment, the library will be closed for the rest of the week. Meanwhile, employees who so wish may have advice after these events.

Police explained that Bedford has been charged with one count of assault and another of theft. The woman, for her part, is evolving favorably despite this situation, but the authorities have not given further details about it.

“We know you are getting the best care,” said the Volusia County Manager, George Recktenwald, while saying that the victim is in good spirits.