While preparing a Cuban frit, a Florida Keys business owner is enlisting for the reopening of some local businesses this Monday, the specialty of the house in a small business, located in the historic center of Key West, will be sold again soon.

Santiago Chávez, the local chef, says that Marcia, the owner of the restaurant mixes pork and beef and then puts some secret ingredients on it. Thus characterizes a family recipe in high demand in the area.

The way these foods are prepared is always the same, but the way they are served changed more than a month ago. Before, they received customers in the patio, “now it is only being sold on the go … But we hope that next week we can at least have a little table in the patio,” confessed the cook.

For that, you already have the permission of the authorities and tomorrow Monday will begin the first stage of the economic reopening in Florida. Unlike Broward and Miami-Dade, the Keys are included in this stage where many intend to return to work.

Marcia Weaver, owner of the Frita’s restaurant, says that it is ready to open tomorrow. Because it will not be very different from today: there are few people in the city, only the residents, but those who arrive, will be able to sit down to eat.

The state order clarifies that restaurants and retail stores may reopen, but only at 25 percent of capacity and with very strict rules.

“This business has never been closed for so long,” says Alexandra Moscoso of the restaurant “El siboney”. We visited him last week, as they perapan to sell food just to go. Tomorrow they will serve again at the tables, but keeping the social distance.

It has been a difficult week for employees but now they expect residents to cheer up and go out to eat. Many plan to do so. Meanwhile, today they enjoy a Sunday of sand and sun, since since last Monday, the beaches in the keys are again open.