Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made a rather bold and even irresponsible statement to many experts, noting that the coronavirus began to work its way through his state during the week of Super Bowl LIV.

This claim ignores the reality that, if the virus were passed from person to person in late January or early February, groups of serious illness or death would have begun to emerge at that time. That is what happened in Washington, when the first significant outbreak occurred in a nursing home.
The first Florida case of COVID-19 did not emerge until about a month after the Super Bowl.

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South Florida has more confirmed coronavirus cases than other parts of the state, so DeSantis speculated that the national Super Bowl LIV show was to blame.

In Italy, a soccer match that occurred before the country’s first COVID-19 case emerged has been flagged as “Game Zero” of the local outbreak. The match in question occurred only two days before the first diagnosis of Covid-19.