Florentino Fernández and Joaquín Reyes are the reviewers of ‘A todo tren! Destino Asturias’ in these exclusive previews

On July 9, the new film by Santiago Segura: ‘A todo tren! Destination Asturias’. This new family comedy from the director of ‘There is no more than one father’ and its sequel has a railway as its main setting. Two reviewers are in charge of making sure that the trip is as comfortable as possible for their clients, and of course avoiding that nobody gets on without a ticket. They will be interpreted by Florentino Fernández and Joaquín Reyes, and they themselves present them in these previews that we offer you exclusively:

“Flo” plays Lucas Ferrero, the stricter of the two reviewers, and the main target of the protagonist kids’ antics. “It’s just a change of eyebrow”, that’s how easily the humorist becomes this moody reviewer who does not know what is coming over him.

On the other hand we have Joaquín Reyes, who becomes Ramón Rosado, the “good cop” of this pair of reviewers. It is easier to get a smile and Reyes assures that “it makes him more head” than his partner.

Children alone on the train, what could go wrong?

‘To all train! Destino Asturias’ stars Santiago Segura himself and Leo Harlem, who are a father and grandfather in charge of taking their son and his friends to a camp in northern Spain. The problems begin when the train starts with the children inside, but not with Ricardo (Segura) and his father. Start a race against time to catch the train before something happens to the little ones, or they mess up on the train too much. The cast is completed with Luna Fulgencio, Sirena Segura, Alan Miranda, Eneko Otero, Javier García, Verónica López, Diego García-Arroba ‘el Cejas’, David Guapo and a few surprise appearances. The film will hit theaters on July 9 from Warner Bros.

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