Floppy’s moving audio in his fight against Leukemia: « I ask you to pray » (Infobae)

The death of Fabián Peloc (33), who was known in the artistic world as The Floppy Cucu It shocked all those who were lucky enough to come across his charismatic presence, behind and in front of the cameras. She was recognized for being Lizy Tagliani’s best friend and personal assistant as well as for her work as a stylist.

Fabián’s death had to do with a picture of advanced leukemia, recently diagnosed after having an antibody study corresponding to his treatment with coronavirus. As a result, she had to be admitted to a clinic in this capital where her unfortunate death occurred.

However, in the last hours, a moving audio was known that the Floppy Cucu sent to one of her friends where she describes the delicate moment that was happening. In it he showed his concern because he still did not know the results of the studies that would determine his diagnosis.

“I have been hospitalized since Thursday. I came in because of a pain in the little shore that hurt and wouldn’t let me sleep. After blood tests, CT scans and (tests) … they found that the blood vessel is a little inflamed. The white blood cells were very altered and the platelets were low … « , Fabián is heard saying in the first part of the audio, somewhat “worried” about what it might take to come.

« After transfers and going from one sanatorium to another, now they left me here. And they sent blood samples to FUNDALEU because they suspect that there is a disease in the blood and they still cannot give me a diagnosis, so well we are very scared « , La Floppy says.

« The pressure is going to shit because I’m with this issue that I don’t know what the shit is. I do not know if you are religious, but I know that you are a believer and … I am going to ask you from the heart to pray a prayer for me. If you know someone who loves a lot and who knows that you pray, pray for my health, « Fabián Peloc asked the person who was directing this audio in which he made it clear that his state of health » was not good.  »

Fabián Peloc (33), who was known in the artistic world as La Floppy Cucu

« Tomorrow I will have the diagnosis and well, what I pray to God is that I have a solution, so I ask you to do a lot of strength and to pray because this time the thing is heavy. You don’t know how scared I am, I can’t explain … I do not wish it on anyone, I am very afraid, very uncertain and I do not know what will happen. So I beg you friend for everything that you love me and what I want you to pray for me and for my health, you know? I love you … ”, he concludes in his message, revealing again his fear of what would come days later.

The last publication of La Floppy on his Instagram account was on July 5, in which he chose an animated image of the face of Jesus, and sent a message of hope: « I trust you, Lord Jesus ». Despite the hard time he was going through in complete secrecy since he learned he had leukemia, he clung to the faith to move on.

On his Twitter account he also shared messages from Pope Francis, and retweeted those passages from the Gospel that describe the « Kingdom of Heaven ». He was also a believer in the Virgen del Carmen, and replied a tweet that said: « Do not forsake us for a moment, help us to imitate you in your infinite love for God. »

The Floppy Cucu with Lizy Tagliani, her inseparable friend

After knowing the death of the assistant and right hand of the humorist Lizy Tagliani, whom she defined as a « sister », various personalities from the theater and television mourned the death. Dozens of celebrities expressed their regret at the departure of La Floppy, who lost his life at age 33 after overcoming the coronavirus and as a result of complications in his health from recently diagnosed leukemia. Among them, Pedro Alfonso, Santiago del Moro, Paula Chaves, Lourdes Sánchez, Zaira Nara and José María Muscari.

Meanwhile, Lizy Tagliani asked to be happily reminded of her « sister », with her spark of grace, always present every time she participated in The Fair Price. « We had great faith that he would succeed and we would laugh at all this, but who knows why mysterious reason suddenly had to leave today »wrote the driver.


Lourdes Sánchez spoke of the last days of Floppy Cucu: « Since we found out about his illness, we took turns going to visit him »

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