Floating in a bathing suit, Celia Lora and her friend look beautiful

Floating in a bathing suit, Celia Lora and her friend look beautiful | INSTAGRAM

The gorgeous model Y Mexican driver Celia Lora has not stopped promoting the Riviera Maya, inttrying to help reestablish the tourism in our country after what happened with the world situation that has made those places have very few visits and therefore very bad economy.

On this occasion we will address a photo of the most beautiful and creative that was taken during your stay in that place, it is a Aerial photo in which she and one of her friends were floating on some very beautiful inflatables, one in the shape of a unicorn and the other in the shape of a duck, so the colors were very striking and they made their beauties look even more interesting and flirtatious.

The photography so far has gathered more than 15,000 likes and his fans are wondering when he will run out of photos of that trip, since he has been uploading practically the same style of entertainment pieces for several weeks and with the same swimsuits.

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Some users have opined that more models of swimsuit So that he was also promoting his store, however, it seems that he only thought about the photos and having a variety of them.

However, the young model has taken advantage of the situation to continue practicing her skills as influencers and sharing images of that beautiful place that we have a natural region that has so many riches that are enjoyed by both tourists and locals.


Celia Lora reached her 10 million followers on her official Instagram, a number which is quite good and must be a cause for celebration for her, so surely we will be able to see a celebration very soon.

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In her stories, she continues to promote various companies that contact her to work as Influencers and that she can do a little promotion for them by helping them and of course sharing those companies that send their products directly to your door so you don’t risk going out.

Thanks to this he has been receiving many gifts, for example recently he received some very beautiful flowers and you could also receive them or the person you want to send them to. Celia Lora will continue to do all this that fascinates her so much, in Show News we will continue to share her news, curiosities, announcements and more.

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