Flirty photo of Kim Kardashian wears only shoes and nothing else!

Flirty photo of Kim Kardashian wears only shoes and nothing else! | .

In a Photo that the businesswoman shared a long time ago, socialite, model and Instagram influencer, the beautiful Kim Kardashian appears wearing only one pair of boots with nothing else! The image immediately went viral.

For the pretty social media celebrity, show off your exquisite figure On magazine covers and even books like the one that appeared with this image has always been something of the most common, he does not feel sorry to show his body.

Like other celebrities who are already used to appearing in photos posing in the most natural way Kim kardashian She has done it on more than one occasion and far from being scared, her followers are always delighted to see her.

For the millions of followers of the businesswoman and owner of SKIMS It is always surprising to see it show off in its content, this time it was part of a book launched by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, better known as Mert & Marcus.

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The couple of photographers have collaborated together for years, both are known for photographing beautiful women, powerful as well as sophisticated, as is obviously the case with Kim Kardashian who appeared in the book they launched as mentioned by the businesswoman in her publication.

Mert & Marcus have had the opportunity to photograph important celebrities and businesswomen, right away we share some names:

Madonna Jennifer Lopez Gigi and Bella Hadid Shakira Rihanna Scarlett Johansson Adriana Lima Paris Hilton Taylor Swift

In this list is also the protagonist of this note, who on September 5, 2017 shared this photo on her official Instagram account, so that it would not be eliminated in her charms, she decided to place two black stars to avoid it.

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The image is grayscale, surely you will understand it better as “black and white”, in it the model appears climbing a tree, wearing only black floor boots, her gaze is marked by the impeccable makeup that she wears. Market Stall.

The businesswoman’s hair also took an important place in the image because, thanks to the way she wears it, it makes her beautiful face stand out, her pose reflects security and power, despite the fact that she is on top of a tree, she managed to relax his face despite the possible fear that he surely had when he got on.


Although it is more than evident that he is not wearing anything on him, thanks to the lights and shadows you can not see more than his charms, although this time he decided to cover them a little with this slight edition that he did so that Instagram would not delete the photograph if it it rose as it originally was.

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In the image she has a bent leg, so the shadow it causes covers part of her hips and also her crotch, avoiding showing more than necessary in it.

It is an honor to have been photographed by Mert & Marcus for their new book! 2 years in the

Manufacturing! “wrote Kim Kardashian.

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His publication has almost a million and a half like’s, surely if he had shared it recently, he would have at least five million red hearts, the amount that he tends to have in his most recent and flirtatious publications, mostly where he appears wearing bathing suits and is that today it has more than 230 million followers.

For this and many reasons the still wife of Kanye west She continues to be one of the favorite celebrities of Internet users, because she is not only a beautiful woman but also intrepid and daring who is not afraid to show off her whole person.

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