Flirty photo of Ángela Aguilar to celebrate 6M fans

Flirty photo of Ángela Aguilar to celebrate 6M of fans | Instagram

Without a doubt the singer Ángela Aguilar has become a celebrity in a short time, thanks to her popularity today she has 6 million followers On his Instagram account, to celebrate that he reached this figure, he shared a photo with which more than one was infatuated with love, in addition to that of some other lady, he would be fascinated to use the look that he is wearing.

At her young age, just 17 years old, she has been crowned as a revelation singer in the regional mexican musicFor some, between her and Christian Nodal they have managed to give a turn to music and put this musical genre at the top of the preferences of the public’s taste throughout the country.

It was precisely with Christian nodal with whom he interpreted “Tell me how you want“, a success that immediately went viral and especially Internet users launched some memes in his honor because of the entertaining lyrics.

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Coming from a dynasty like the Aguilar with great representatives of this genre, it was a fortune that Angela Aguilar decided to interpret this music as her grandfather, father and older brother did, since she is the smallest of the family.

In addition to being a singer, it seems that Angela could become a whole fashion influencer, in the event that she is in charge of choosing her outfits at the time of having her photo shoots, this because in each of her publications she manages to present us not only stunning photos but also outfits that look perfect.

The same thing happened when, very excited, she shared with her followers the news that they had reached 6 million followers on Instagram, a day ago she shared this publication.

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As surely you have already observed in the image Aguilar is wearing jeans with boots, footwear that has accompanied her in constant photographic sessions, apparently she has several pairs, these in particular are white with some details of embroidered flowers on the front, apparently they belong to a cactus, by the way, has two shades of pink, one lighter than the other.

In addition to the aforementioned blue jeans, she is also wearing a pink blouse that matches both her boots and her lipstick, this one is made of buttons, but at the bottom we can see a tulle, although it also looks like chiffon fabric, It is the same shade of pink as the blouse, so it matches perfectly.

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The young woman is sitting on a kind of pastel pink cloth, it seems that it is spread throughout the image because in the background we see some hills and the blue sky.

As an accessory, she decided to wear a flat beige hat, this breaks a bit with the color combination she is wearing, but definitely precisely because of this it combines quite well, it gives a kind of balance to her look.

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Her hair being so short, wearing it loose is something perfect, especially because it does not cover or dull her beautiful face, surely in a few months we will be able to see her with long hair again, in case she so wishes.

569,466 are the likes that have been given to this day, it seems that now it is more than normal that Angela Aguilar has at least 100,000 red hearts in each of her publications, like her 1,965 people decided to celebrate as was her writing in her comment box how excited they were to know that she was happy with this achievement.

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