Flirty Georgina Gio pose wearing only one garment on top!

Flirtatious Georgina Gio pose wearing only one garment on top! | Instagram

For the Spanish model Georgina Rodríguez showing off her figure is always synonymous with success, because she has an immediate reaction from her followers, who are constantly aware of what she publishes, as she did a few hours ago on her official Instagram account.

Georgina Rodríguez also known as Georgina gio 15 hours ago she shared a photo with us, part of a new photo shoot in which she apparently was wearing a flirty swimsuit, however it could be said that she was only wearing the top.

This because it was the only thing that was seen in the image, since it was a little cropped, although in the same way the celebrity of Instagram and the world of Spanish fashion looked beautiful as always.

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In the photograph he shared, he just appears wearing a single piece of a swimsuit with a very striking design, it has two types of fabric and even fringes in the center.

Surely, as on other occasions, this image is part of a photo session for a magazine such as the photos that he has been sharing in recent weeks, however, the label he wrote in his publication is from an Instagram account where they sell precisely women’s suits. bathroom, the designs like the one she is using, are quite striking and out of the ordinary.


This is not the first time that the Spanish model collaborates with this firm, throughout her Instagram account we find several photographs of Georgina rodriguez, in sporadic places and dates, it would not even be a surprise if she is not only a collaborator of the brand but also a founder.

Rodríguez has also become an entrepreneurial woman, at no time has she stopped working, despite the fact that she now takes care of her four children with her partner Cristiano Ronaldo, who lives in love with her as well as the little ones.

The full or two-piece swimsuits that we have seen on the model’s Instagram account are also part of this brand, it has been precisely with the brand’s designs that it has appeared on its most recent magazine covers, the photo you shared particularly was taken in Madrid Spain as seen in the publication.

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The beauty of Georgina Rodríguez has been surprising for several years, she began to be known in 2016 when she began a relationship with the professional soccer player Cristiano RonaldoSince then to date its popularity has done nothing but believe.

Thanks to the relationship it has with CR7 As the Juventus FC player is also known, the young Spanish model immediately became a trend on social networks and various local and international media.

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It should be noted that despite the fact that the name of her partner has helped her a lot, Gio has also managed to stand out on her own.

A few weeks ago she shared with her millions of followers that she would have a collaboration with the Netflix platform, she will make a documentary about the place where she was born, that is how the beautiful Spanish model has managed to make her way on her own.

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This is something that undoubtedly managed to make CR7 fall in love with her, as she has always been a fairly hardworking woman, from a very young age and her partner’s fame so far has not slowed her down or made her feel less.

Currently Georgina Gio has more than 24.8 million followers on Instagram, compared to her partner with few, however thanks to her beauty and personality she has earned this number.

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