Flirty and sporty, Maribel Guardia shows off her silhouette

Flirty and sporty, Maribel Guardia shows off her silhouette | INSTAGRAM

We cannot deny that there is nothing that users in the networks social love more than seeing the pretty girl Costa Rican Maribel Guardia showing her charms in the most flirtatious sports outfits.

As is the case on this occasion where he took his respective photos before starting with his arduous routines of Gym to maintain that figure that characterizes her and positioned her as one of the most recognized models, actresses and singers by the Mexican public.

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We know that since the television host began his artistic career, he has done nothing but fall in love with and enchant his fervent admirers, who are always attentive in their networks, waiting for a new publication, a new message of encouragement and of course without losing his beautiful smile that makes his friends so happy. million followers in Instagram.

The renowned artist knows perfectly what keeps her faithful audience happy, so she does not stop pampering them every day with her wonderful pieces of entertainment and her beautiful messages of encouragement that began from the beginning of social confinement this for her followers to have. at least one reason to smile.

That is why we can see her so beautiful, flirtatious and very smiling, showing very proud her results of continuous exercise and a healthy diet, something that she proclaims very often from her profile, since as she is so happy doing physical activity and balanced diets and more than we can see her with her splendid figure in the images she shares, and she undoubtedly wants the same for her followers, who have affirmed that Maribel is an example of hard work, perseverance, discipline and effort, something an example to follow , to be as full as the beautiful mother of Julián Figueroa.

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Now emphasizing her beautiful outfit we can affirm that this style of sports outfits suits her very well when it comes to styling her figure and marking her attributes to the maximum, precious hips, her abdomen and powerful legs, and we can also show that blue is a color. that favors wholesale to the pretty next birthday girl.

Not for nothing gathers hundreds of thousands of reactions in terms of comments and I like it because, her public does not stop supporting her in all her projects and that is perfectly noticeable in each of the publications of the beautiful woman and since very few hours of sharing his postcards he manages to gather quite a lot of interactions, so every day someone new comes to his profile, to fall in love

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