Flirty and fantastic, Camila Sodi celebrates her 35 years of age

Flirty and fantastic, Camila Sodi celebrates her 35 years of age | INSTAGRAM

One of the most popular faces in Mexico, more today due to his participation as “Erika” on “Luis Miguel, the series”, the beautiful and talented singer, model and actress, Camila Sodi turned 35 this past May 14 and celebrated it in style.

It is necessary to mention that the famous one comes from a family of artistsWell, she is the daughter of the writer Ernestina Sodi and also niece of the renowned singer Y actress mexican, Thalia, something with which, from the beginning, they have been familiar with.

Although he started his career when he was just 8 years old, showing that his main passions were music and the modelingIt was until 2000 when he decided on the latter and since then he has won the hearts of the public in our country, and by 2002 he joined the team of conductors of the cable signal Telehit, where he hosted the musical magazine “El pulso “, Which lasted two years on the air.

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In 2004 she made her acting debut by starring in the soap opera “Inocente de ti” produced by Nathalie Lartilleux, where she played “Florecita”, a poor young woman who, based on effort, manages to face all the challenges that are presented to her, in this soap opera she shared credits with Valentino Lanús, Alma Delfina , Helena Rojo, Salvador Pineda, Altair Jarabo, among others.

Then in September 2006, he appeared on the cover of H for Men magazine; the photos in that issue are set in the 1950s, and show her as a Pin-up, later in March 2007, she appeared in the movie “Bad Girls”, directed by Fernando Sariñana and where she shares credits with Martha Higareda, Ximena Sariñana, Blanca Guerra, among other actresses, in it she plays a young intellectual who enters the same “academy for young ladies” as the protagonist to escape the control that her mother exercises over her.

Some time later and thanks to her sublime work, Sodi became the Revelation actress from Mexico, landing her first roles in movies and starring in various magazine covers, and currently, she has given a lot to talk about after her participation in the biographical series “Sol de México”. In addition, she was in charge of reviving in 2020, the spin-off of the famous soap opera “Rubí” and recently released the horror film “El exorcismo de Carmen Farías”.

However, Camila Sodi has not only captured the attention of the press and her fans for her artistic career, but also of all her followers on social networks, since she regularly makes all kinds of publications, her work, social and altruistic tasks and of course, images worthy of admiration, showing all their sublime beauty.

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Just like the three videos that he shared yesterday that he shared how he celebrated his birthday full of balloons, looking beautiful and totally happy, from the city, with a phenomenal service, worthy of the birthday girl.

This particular publication was filled with comments that did nothing but congratulate the beautiful actress, and wish her good vibes, positive things and much joy and happiness in this new return to the sun, something that the actress thanked everyone who he commented.

Gathering more than 166 thousand red hearts, Camila Sodi was surrounded by her fans who love her so much and some of her best friends within the same world of artists, as celebrities such as her aunt, Thalía herself, Natalia Dupeyron, Aislinn Derbez, Leon Krauze, among others, left him their beautiful happy birthday messages.

Now, he has recently shocked his audience by posting a series of four super colorful images, but with the detail that he decided to go out without wearing his respective bra, something that many celebrities and users on social networks have done today.

That was how Camila gave up wearing a bra and shared this charming photo shoot on the streets of New York with a yellow halter top to match with lemon green pants, looking totally fantastic.

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