Flirtatious from the closet, Maribel Guardia falls in love with Internet users

Flirty from the closet, Maribel Guardia falls in love with Internet users | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful conductive Y model Maribel Guardia decided to vary her content a bit and not upload her usual snapshots taken with a professional camera, she simply took her mobile got ready to exercise and snapped a photo to share.

This time a top White, a trousers very colorful from lycra and some pink tennis shoes looking very coquettish youthful and above all beautiful from her walking closet in which he was in charge of modeling for his beloved audience.

So far there have been more than 30,000 people who have come to support her with their likes and many also commented on how beautiful she looks and how natural she looks when posing in front of the camera of her cell phone, something that she does not usually do every day but that this occasion works perfectly to continue with the contents.

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Surely you have not had time to make a photoshoot as it should be, however, she came up with a way not to leave her fans without entertainment and it occurred to her that she would capture it herself.

In fact, Maribel has been inside her house taking care of herself for many months now, changing the television cameras by cameras, with which it helps to promote various products of the stores of which she is an ambassador.

That’s right, the Costa Rican singer is applying her influencing powers to publicize many companies and thus be able to support her so that more people know about them and can consume, also helping herself to improve a little in the economy in these difficult moments without shows.

On many occasions she has shared with us that a sportswear store also sponsors her and this time it was the occasion because she was in charge of labeling the store so that you can access it and see which products are best for you or would look good on you.

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Maribel will continue with the creation of this flirtatious entertainment practically every day uploading photographs and sometimes some Videos where she can consent to all those people who admire her and who recognize her for being an icon of the show in Mexico and Latin America.

In Show News we will share her latest news, curiosities and all that information that arises around her as well as the photos with which you will be able to enjoy a few moments of visual delight with her enviable figure at 62 years of age.

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