While the Asturian pilot continues to recall his achievements in Ferrari through his social networks, the former sports director of the team Renault During his golden age he has lashed out against several of his rivals. Flavio Briatore has used the occasion to praise the figure of Fernando Alonso, who hopes to compete again in 2021.

One of the seats to which Fernando Alonso aspires in 2021 is that of Vettel. If I did, I would have as a companion Leclerc, of which Flavio Briatore spoke in the podcast ‘Beyond the grid’: “Leclerc is young, but he has big balls because he is showing it. I think if I were at Ferrari I would have put Leclerc two years ago to replace Raikkonen because with Kimi you are not going anywhere. With him you will never win anything. At that time I would have taken the risk and put Leclerc, he is a very, very strong guy. ”

The Italian has detracted from the triumphs of Hamilton, who could not compare with Schumacher: “Michael fought with the greats, like Senna. You have to admit that when Michael arrived, it was hard: we are talking about Nigel Mansell or Senna. Now the competition is less. You have two pilots or three … Once again Hamilton is not pressured: You can zoom out. When someone approached Schumacher, they made a mistake. With Fernando Alonso, the same thing happened. Everybody makes mistakes. If Lewis drives like a taxi driver and wins everything, it is because he is a super pilot, he is fantastic. Hamilton is one of the two stars of Formula 1, the other is Verstappen

Schumacher or Alonso?

The one who has compared Flavio Briatore to Schumacher, unable to opt for either, is Fernando Alonso: “Wondering who is better, if Schumacher or Alonso, is like asking if Messi or Ronaldo is better. I do not know. Fernando is less emotional than Michael. Michael always pushed and encouraged the team to the maximum; Fernando, on the other hand, is like a Rottweiler, he will never give up. ”

The Italian, who coincided with Schumacher at Benetton, recalled the duel between the two at the 2005 San Marino Grand Prix. “I remember Imola’s 2005 race, Fernando won and Michael finished in second position. In that race these two champions had very similar performances. Michael was stuck to Fernando’s gearbox for 15-20 laps and made no mistakes; Fernando, neither. It was a brilliant race. For me the two pilots are very similar ”, he highlighted.

Flavio Briatore took the opportunity to attack Ron Dennis: “Ron in his day was a very arrogant person, he thought he was superior to others, I do not know how he will be now. He was far from superior to others, he was the right man who got to the right place at the right time. He and McLaren were very successful together, he made more money than anyone in his day, only Ferrari could approach him in terms of earnings.

Ron Dennis was McLaren’s sporting director in 2007, the season in which Fernando Alonso raced for the British team. “What Ron never finished understanding was how to properly manage a pilot. My way of handling the drivers and one team was different from the others and everyone realized this.I don’t think anyone was ever afraid of me as a team leader. Ross Brawn even told me that he enjoyed working with me for the simple fact that I was different from the rest.Briatore has concluded.