Flaca: The fusion you’ve been waiting for!

Flaca, is the title of the new song that was released exactly… 19 hours ago! We bring you all the details of this new single here in Music News!

Flaca, it was released 19 hours ago and just these hours after its launch on YouTube the song already has almost 200 thousand reproductions! QUE!??! Well, yes, you listened well, and how could I not have this figure less than a day after its premiere, if the participants and authors of this song are Andrés Calamaro as the main author who decided to work in collaboration with Alejandro Sanz … just from Hearing this pair of names is enough to know that the song is and will be a success.

Oh no! You’re going to see this pair of talented artists like you’ve never seen them before, it’s like that saying that the more time it goes by the better it gets, right? … well, we can see something like this in this official Flaca video clip.

Alejandro Sanz is a hottie in the video! So well groomed, so shiny, so perfect! Andrés Calamaro of course is not far behind, they both look spectacular, they look like a fantasy, (I’m not projecting myself seriously) but it is real, they look like never before!

The video is very bohemian, you will see black and white color palettes and also very warm colors, campfires, wood, all very bohemian and perfect, it is that just seeing it makes you crave to be in such a place, it represents a lot of self-love Sometimes we must have to also pamper ourselves. That projection give.

If you don’t believe us, judge it!

The best of all is that the artists are really enjoying this staging, it is as if they were singing live, we can even see some scenes in which both singers are seen talking, laughing, and enjoying this video a lot. Everything and absolutely every detail is transmitted! The lyrics are the best of all !!

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