It doesn’t matter if we’ve been in quarantine for a week or 4 months. Music is and has always been our savior these days of confinement. Therefore, we want to teach you FKA Twigs’ new collaboration with emerging TikTok rapper (and a must-listen) 645AR.

In July, FKA twigs shared studio space with Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ ign on the collaborative single “Ego Death.” Now the R&B star is back with another signature guest, this time appearing on “Sum Bout U,” the new single from rapper 645AR.

FKA twigs shares a powerful short film 'We are the Womxn'

FKA twigs performs at the Primavera Sound Festival in 2019 Photo: Xavi Torrent / .


Born in the Bronx, but raised in Atlanta, 645AR proudly represents his unique style of rap by sharpening vocals in autotune. Throughout “Sum Bout U” you will notice his one style that even FKA twigs is a victim of: his screeching voice. The two exchange, as they intertwine, their high-pitched voices, while they yearn and thirst for each other: “It’s something ’bout you / You do something to me, make me feel some way / The way that I feel about you, nobody’ll take your place ”.

645AR is the most contemporary artist we can talk about today. His discography focuses on 2020, but it has been of sufficient quality to work with FKA branches. The past successes, and with which it was possible to position itself on the scene, with “Yoga” and “4 Da Trap”. Two songs that stick to R&B with heavy touches of trap and rap. Sure, his voice is by far the most distinctive.

FKA twigs plays in London. Photo: Lorne Thomson / .

Unlike these singles, “Sum Bout U” channels a more stable R&B vibe, maybe we can see the spoon of the creator of Magdalane there. “I’m getting the real R&B back”the growing viral musician on TikTok stated in a statement. “A shout out to FKA branches.” Listen to it here and be surprised by the voice of both:

In over the British star FKA twigs, at the beginning of July they surprised us with their new documentary We Are The Womxn. This project brought FKA to Atlanta to perform a sacred moon dance with spiritual healer Queen Afua. The experience resulted in a deepening and heightened understanding of herself and her femininity.

We Are The Womxn marked the end of a very dark and difficult project, but also empowering and transformative for FKA twigs. The chapter of Magdalene 2019 and “Sum Bout U” the start of their new projects.