The day that the multifaceted and talented FKA twigs Don’t surprise the world with every project you launch, it will be one unknown to the entertainment industry. To keep that day from coming, the British shared a powerful short film in celebration of the spirit and strength of women called We Are The Womxn.

FKA twigs shares a powerful short film 'We Are The Womxn'

FKA twigs plays at Coachella. Photo: Matt Cowan / .

The journey of FKA twigs

It was in October 2019, before releasing his second studio album, Magdalene, than FKA twigs “embarked on a journey towards his own personal healing”. This trip brought her to Atlanta to perform a sacred moon dance with spiritual healer Queen Afua. The experience resulted in a deepening and high understanding of herself and her femininity. What led her to do We Are The Womxn.

Created as part of WeTransfer’s WePresent series, the film explores “the dynamic healing of women of color.” Directed by Ivar Wigan, the short film documents the afropunk set, and then travels to Blue Flame, a notorious Atlanta landmark and the city’s first black strip club.

FKA twigs shares a powerful short film 'We Are The Womxn'FKA twigs shares a powerful short film 'We Are The Womxn'

FKA twigs. Photo: David M. Benett / .

His experience doing ‘We Are The Womxn’

“I’m actually pretty shy. But I felt very encouraged to dance and enjoy my body for all the amazing women who joined in, ”said FKA twigs of her filming experience We Are The Womxn.

“I particularly joined a dancer in Blue Flame (named) Kharisma. She had such a vibrant energy. At the beginning of the night she called the other girls to the stage to be admired and supported in her expression. “

“My experience at Blue Flame solidified that although historically women often face each other for their looks or their assets for patriarchy, when we keep our own devices, we are cultivating and healing incredibly ”.

FKA twigs plays in London. Photo: Lorne Thomson / .

Tahliah Debrett Barnett elaborated on her journey and the reasons that led her to return to Blue Flame. FKA twigs He explained he wanted “to honor the heritage of pole dance and create a matriarchal domain in a space that is usually full of masculine energy and managed by it.”

We Are The Womxn marks the end of a very dark and difficult project, but also empowering and transformative for FKA twigs. The chapter of Magdalene 2019 and only time will tell if we can ever enjoy it live.

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