five tips to save on your purchases

The December celebrations are very close, Christmas is the most anticipated day of the year for many families. In this meeting it is used to be with relatives that we have not seen for a while, as well as friendships and generally with loved ones.

That day is characterized by celebrating with a dinner and exchanging gifts, sometimes we make the mistake of considering that the more expensive a gift is, the more the recipient will like it. However, this is not the case and neither do we occupy compromising our personal finances.

The quality of a gift does not always imply a high cost. Photo: Pixabay

A gift must have the legitimate acceptance of the person who receives it by the meaning of the intention of the person who gives it. In this sense, a gift is better if it is useful and appropriate, here we will tell you five tips that will help you organize these purchases and above all without affecting your pocket.

1. Organize a list

First of all, before making a purchase you have to review your finances and also to whom you will give the gift. It is important to structure a list of the budget you have to allocate it to this objective and to the people who will grant it.

You have to add the amount you have and you will allocate for each person you plan to give them a gift.

2. Compare prices

You have to analyze and identify in which stores offer promotions such as discounts, thus find a discount where you can buy items such as clothing, footwear, among others.

3. Get your creativity going

There are many people who value ingenious and personalized gifts, you can make a gift according to the tastes of the person to whom you will give it. In this way, not only will he feel loved by you but you can also opt for cheaper or even recycled materials.

4. Take advantage of online sales

Now, due to the new normal, many commercial chains are offering their products through their websites, and sometimes you can find better offers through this medium. This season the stores handle various promotions, as well as free home delivery and you have various payment options.

5. Give yourself a savings

The holidays involve an expense and we do not think about how much we are investing, we let ourselves be carried away by the meaning of these celebrations. You have to consider saving money to be able to face the expenses that are coming in next year.

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