It is estimated that the virus that caused the current pandemic does not seem to infect chickens, pigs or ducks as easily.

It is also much more difficult to infect a puppy, compared to the rate of infection between cats and cats.

At the same time, there is no concrete evidence that it is possible to have a contagion of these animals to humans, for now

Thanks to the pandemic, the world in the new normal will no longer be the same. The vast majority of businesses will have to implement a retrofit plan to adjust their operation. Besides, it is expected that the communication of the brands will have a much more responsible tone, with which they will help to publicize the sanitary rules for the future. At the individual level, the rules will be changed in various dimensions. But your puppy’s life should also be very different.

This is, in large part, because pets have also been affected in their health by the pandemic. According to Nature, it appears that a cat or puppy has a chance of being infected with COVID-19, under certain circumstances. UNSW notes that companion animals have been greatly affected by the reckless actions of some families in the quarantine. And the Scottish Government points out that there are health precautions to consider.

As the arrival of the new normal is beginning to be established in much of the world, including Mexico, the relationship between humans and their pets must also change. For the health of the same puppy (or any pet you have), the person and the community, you must adopt new customs and care strategies in the future. Initially, Naturale Mascota launches five tips that should be applied from now on:

Have short walks with your puppy

Many pets need a regular exercise session, and larger animals even require several throughout the day. But with the quarantine rules, more than one puppy has had to stay home to avoid exposing its owners. Now that we are gradually returning to the streets, it is necessary to resume this custom. However, it is crucial that the time of each session is between 15 and 20 minutes to reduce exposure to other people.

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Keep a healthy distance

Although it is one of the most repeated recommendations throughout the pandemic, many people still tend to ignore this good practice. And many do not know that it also applies when taking the puppy for a walk. Again, pets can be a potential focus of infection. So it is preferable to take them out during daylight hours with few people. If you come across another animal and its owner, make sure that even the animals are kept separate.

Grooming the puppy when they get home

In the same way that the shoes and footwear of human beings can be filled with viruses and bacteria on the street, the same happens with the paws of a puppy. In that sense, when you return from a walk, you have to clean both the soles of people and the limbs of the pet. For the pet, it is not recommended to use either chlorine or alcohol. It is preferable to use special cleaning solutions, so as not to cause physical harm to the creature.

Try relaxation sessions with your pet

Just as people despair of being home without being able to leave, more than one puppy can suffer from stress or depression. While shorter walks should combat it, perhaps it is not enough. In this regard, it might be helpful to try aromatherapy sessions. It must be remembered that, due to its more acute sense of smell, products specially designed for animals should be used. Another option, much cheaper, is a « massage » of affection to reduce your tension.

Establish a routine with your puppy

It is essential that established times are created for food and walks, even in the new normal. In this way, it will be much easier for pets to adapt to changes without suffering from much pressure or tension. It will also be much easier for owners to adapt to future changes if they establish specific routines. Once the pandemic becomes a distant memory, it is advisable to continue holding on to this planning.