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Venom: there will be carnage it remains a mystery mainly because the movie has a double weight to deal with. Should improve the disappointing result of Venom (2018); Despite its success at the box office, it was considered a critical failure. So much as to threaten a possible aftermath.

He will have to fulfill the singular duty of being a bridge between the trilogy of Spider-Man and Morbius. The latter will be released (for now) in 2022 and would be Sony’s first concrete attempt to expand the Spider-Man Universe. While all this happens, the rumors of the new projects of Sony on his package of licenses surprise by his ambition. Venom: There Will Be Carnage must delve into at least several aspects, including the darker side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe related to Spider-Man. And from what is shown in the trailer, he has every intention of doing so.

To start, Cletus Kasady / Carnage is one of the most disturbing villains in the Marvel Publishing Universe. It is one that, in addition to being an antagonist, is the sum of a whole new version of evil. As if that wasn’t enough, it will be played by Woody harrelson, three times nominated for an Oscar. The most interesting thing about this confluence of elements is that the film will be able to exploit the wild and dangerous quality of Carnage. And apparently, it will not be limited to showing the confrontation between the symbiotes, but something more elaborate and complex.

How much could the theatrical version of Carnage look like the original? We did a review and these were the five things we would most like to see in the film adaptation of the character.

The Context: Cletus as a Serial Killer

It is one of the elements that the live action version of the character will include. The post credits scene featured a weird, tough conversation between Eddie Brooks (Tom Hardy) and Cletus. In it it was evident that Carnage had the same origin story as his version in the comic.

It is about a serial killer who, due to the blows of the plot, will come into contact with an alien symbiote. But instead of the somewhat dual coexistence of Eddie and Venom, that of Cletus will turn out to be much more chaotic and dangerous.

How violent and destructive Carnage can be

In the comic Carnage Part 1: Savage Genesis, published on April 1, 1992, the character’s story is detailed in all its details. In the three-part story, Carnage carries out a large-scale slaughter by choosing his victims from the phone book. But beyond that, the plot explores that the violence in Carnage has all the sophisticated cruelty of a serial killer. Together they create a kind of super villain who enjoys and can plan his actions. Carnage is not a force of nature, is a predator who enjoys killing in disturbing and twisted ways.

In the comic, Cletus was already a dangerous character before merging with the symbiote. He tortured the family dog, pushed his grandmother down the stairs and tried to burn the boarding school where he ended up being held. In fact, and after a series of countless crimes, the character ended up being classified as a homicidal maniac. With 11 life sentences consecutive days he was destined to spend his life in Ryker Prison. Until the unthinkable happened.

Reconfigure Venom’s origin story

There is a considerable amount of problems with the film version of Venom. If you remember, the 2018 movie was not his first appearance in the cinema, much less in the Spider-Man saga. In 2007, Sam Raimi recovered the comic book story and included it in the last part of the trilogy starring Tobey Maguire. In the plot, Topher Grace played Eddie Brock and the film kept the same thread of the original version. Brock became a supervillain after Peter Parker rejected the alien symbiote.

The combination of Brock and Venom, which was so compelling and popular in the comic, was a plot-level disaster in the movies. So much so that when the solo version of Venom hit theaters, the plot completely ignored the reference. In Fleischer’s film, the Brock as Tom Hardy He has no relation to Peter Parker, and Venom is indeed an antihero.

By the time Venom was filmed, the character licensing battle between Marvel and Sony was in full swing. But today it could happen (as has been rumored) that even Tom Holland’s Peter Parker has a small cameo. Could it be that Serkis’s film somehow mixes both versions of the origin?

‘Venom: There Will Be Carnage’ Must Make Carnage’s Origin Story Very Clear

It directly involves Eddie Brock. In fact, it has been speculated whether the post-credits scene could be considered an open door to history. In the comic, Eddie is sent to jail for his crimes and the symbiote ends up reproducing in a separate entity. And although it is evident that the Hardy’s Brock will remain a questionable antihero, your interest in Cletus is likely to end up sparking disaster.

Already in the first film, Fleischer delved into Tom Hardy’s ambition and messy personality. Could it happen that his obsession with a criminal like Cletus led to disaster? The trailer seems to suggest something different, but it would be interesting to explore the extent to which the bond between the two characters creates an exceptional situation.

The total fusion between Cletus Kasady and the symbiote

Unlike Venom and Eddie Brook, Cletus Kasady and Carnage are the same entity. So much so that they are indistinguishable and hence their special dangerous quality. While Eddie may break away, and even gain meager control over Venom, Cletus ends up being completely absorbed. It may seem like an insignificant nuance until the consequences are analyzed. Eddie (in theory) has a human part that he can modulate the destructive power of the symbiote.

On the contrary, Carnage is a mixture of all the psychopathy and violence of Cletus with unlimited power. There is no human part that can hold, delimit, hold, and much less weaken Carnage. And that is precisely one of the most interesting aspects of the character that we can see in Venom: there will be slaughter.

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