Several weeks after negotiations more complex than those of the new Free Trade Agreement, the Players Union and the owners of Big leagues They agreed to play the 2020 season.

The best campaign baseball The world will not look anything like what we are used to, although the game will remain the same as our parents and grandparents saw.

From the start, Spring Training or spring camp will resume in the summer when the players report with their teams before July 1st.

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Opening Day is expected to be July 23 to kick off with a slashed campaign of 60 games instead of the 163 each organization held each year.

The return of baseball will bring about radical changes in the rules, uncertainty in terms of coronavirus and even some resentment after a multi-week negotiation process.

Along with it, you need to know what

1. There will be a designated hitter in both leagues

Pitchers in the National League who loved taking turns at bat should sit down this season to watch players come out to the box. This measure is expected to only apply in 2020

2. Extra innings will have a renewed face

In order to prevent games from going 15 innings in an already rushed season, Major League Baseball will be implementing a new extra inning structure that some are already familiar with.

Teams will start additional innings with runners at second base, a practice that will make traditionalists sound but should help prevent games from dragging into 14, 15 or 16 inning marathons.

3. The teams will not isolate

As of now, there are no plans for MLB to attempt a season under a bubble like the NBA is doing.

4. A new era of labor unrest

The biggest long-term problem facing players and team owners now is officially entering an era of labor unrest. While the two sides had been unhappy with each other in recent years, this disastrous attempt to find the middle ground to restart the season exposed how much they don’t see eye to eye.

5.- Without fans

So far all games are watched behind closed doors so don’t expect to see people catch home runs while they spill their beer.