The beginning of the NFL not only meant the return of American football, but the opportunity to see a season full of new hope for many fans and their teams, and this is part of what we must continue in the Week 1 and in this 2020.

A new hope

New teams make it to the Playoffs every year, five did so in 2019, after being absent a year before and even suddenly jumping from being the worst team in a division and winning it the following year, something that has happened 15 times in the last 17 seasons.

Last season, 11 of the 12 teams in the playoffs won in the opening game, the only one to lose was Houston at the hands of the Saints, who eventually made the postseason as well.

Tom Brady and Drew Brees rescue an old rivalry

In 1999 they played for the first time when they were in college and Brady won the first game; Although they have few matches in the League, their arrival in the same division will see them meet at least twice this season, disputing two golden marks in the League.

Brees has nearly 3,000 more yards passing than Brady in NFL history to occupy the top two spots, eventually becoming the only ones with more than 75,000 yards passing through the air. But the best mark and that it will be a very even race is in the touchdown passes: 547 by Brees over 541 by Brady, and that puts the two oldest players on the field this afternoon.

Offensives fill the stadiums

The new normal will not allow fans in most of this Sunday’s games, but offenses are responsible for generating so much fan attention for the spectacle they represent. This decade represents the largest number of points in history with more than 115 thousand, a figure that has grown with 10 thousand points per decade since the 70s.

The effect of Covid-19

Before the start of the season, the players chose to play or be absent after the pandemic; the team that lost the most elements was the Patriots, with eight players, not counting the end of the Tom Brady era and more casualties in free agency.

By contrast, the Steelers, Falcons and Chargers will be complete in that regard, and Pittsburgh has the second-easiest schedule of the season, which could benefit them to return to the Playoffs.

For offensive linemen, it really represented a threat, since 30% of the players who will not be in 2020 play in that unit.

The new generation

Beyond being a divisional duel, Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray will face San Francisco defender Nick Bosa, both named rookies of the year on either side of the ball; It will be the third duel in history between winners of this recognition.

Although they are young, they will have to show the maturity and impact they represent for their teams.

The duel is tied 1-1 between offense and defense; now I’m leaning in surprise for Arizona to hit 49ers.