Five pieces for the car that it is advisable to look for in a scrapyard | Motor

We present a list of the five parts that you should buy before in a scrapyard than in a spare parts store or, even, than in the manufacturer itself.

If you are one of those who do not like to waste money and you do not settle for a budget from your trusted workshop, but you think that you can get a repair just as good with scrap parts as with original spare parts, you will surely be interested. know what are the Five pieces that are better to buy at a junkyard.

Nor are you going to stop braking and think that everything that breaks in a car is better to buy it in a scrapyard, because there are parts that are better to discard if they are used. At least, if they are not in perfect conditions of use. Discover that 5 pieces is better to acquire in a scrapyard than in a parts store. We tell you about them in no order of preference.

1. Starter motor

As its name suggests, the starting motor It is intended to overcome the initial resistance of the engine’s kinematic components when starting. And therefore it is a wearing part that is not uncommon to fail. However, acquiring it scrapped can be an economical solution, and if it fails you again, you can buy several for the price of the new part.

2. Mirrors

It is a piece that rubs or breaks relatively easily if you usually park on the street or in narrow garages. So it is usually easier to buy the mirror housing or complete rear-view mirror You have to take it to a body shop and paint to make it look like new.

3. Door trim

The interior cloth of a door It is an expensive part to replace and only exists if you ask the manufacturer himself. The problem with going for a junkyard part is finding one that matches your upholstery or interior décor color, but with a little luck and patience, you can save yourself a lot of money.

4. Seats

As in the case of doors, the key is to find a unit that matches your upholstery color, but if so and it is not a car with too many kilometers, it is one of the pieces in which you may find it more interesting to buy at the scrapyard before in the own car manufacturer.

5. Small accessories

Door handles, latch stops, gear knobs, own car horn… All these types of elements that do not seem to have too much importance, but that are more expensive than you might think if you go to the original manufacturer’s replacement.

This article was published in Autobild by Enrique Trillo.

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