There is something beyond the positive cases of Covid-19 from Fuenlabrada. These are the conditions that the expedition, players and other staff are enduring in their confinement at the Finisterre hotel in A Coruña. Until this Saturday, the sixth day of their stay, they have not received a new towel and a gel. The previous days, the players had not received any hygiene materials. What’s more, at this time, the Fuenlabrada players have not even had their sheets changed.

A fact is eloquent. In the images collected by the different televisions and graphic media that cover the matter, they have even been able to see images of rooms whose windows are hung with underwear and club clothes hanging to dry after being washed with the first toiletry bag they received Players.

The Fuenlabrada expedition understands certain conditions of isolation, but it is strange that in five days not even a set of sheets could be changed. They do not believe that this is the case in hospitals and, in the special circumstances in which they are, they consider that the most important thing is hygiene and health measures.

Another issue is that of food. The expedition is not satisfied with it. Sometimes they find it insufficient beyond quality. But what is most surprising is that in no case has it been taken into account which cases were positive, which cases were not, and what were the symptoms they presented to discriminate food.

The Fuenlabrada players are checking with strangeness how this reality is not being explained in the media when it comes to a matter of basic necessity. And, beyond the fact that he is already beginning to think about the multiplication of cases after days in which some of the players who have tested positive have tested negative, and that even players who have presented improvements have suffered relapses, They believe it necessary to start looking at them as victims of the situation and not as responsible for something that is not clear.