Five new features that you are about to use in WhatsApp

(Photo: Getty Images)

Every time WhatsApp goes down, a good part of its 2,000 million users go desperately to Twitter, and some of them are responsible for putting fear in the body of the Facebook messaging service just by mentioning another application in a tweet: Telegram. That’s right, if WhatsApp goes down, Telegram is also a Trending Topic on Twitter.

So that loyal users of the service do not think of abandoning (until a new fall arrives that unleashes the drama), the application does not stop innovating and facilitating new utilities.

These are some of the functions that we can release in the coming months:

1. One-day messages (no date)

It’s been five months since the app activated the week-long temporary messages, which delete themselves within seven days. The 24 hours will work in the same way, beyond the temporality: both in individual conversations and in groups. Simply click on the contact’s profile and choose ‘Temporary messages’. When activating them we can choose between one and seven days, according to WaBetaInfo.

2. Encrypted system to forget about the cloud (in the coming months)

The application will strengthen its encryption system for files stored in the cloud. This function is mainly aimed at the privacy of history and multimedia content.

3. Also photos self-destruct (already exists)

Once the photo is sent and only when the recipient has seen it, it will automatically disappear and will not be stored in the mobile gallery. Nor can a capture be made, although the picaresque must not be forgotten: the person who is watching it can show it to others or photograph it with another device.

Upon receipt, the recipient …

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.