Five movies that made history and are available on Netflix

Netflix’s movie catalog is extremely extensive. But if we look carefully, we can find multiple modern classics that, in one way or another, marked an era in the seventh art.

To avoid spending hours digging through Netflix’s immense catalog until you find the jewels to which we refer, we have compiled in this article five of those modern classics that you can enjoy right now on the streaming platform.

Five modern classics you can find in the Netflix movie catalog

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Seven by David Fincher. In a time when limits were still being debated on how to show violence in film, Seven broke all unspoken moral inhibitions in the film world. He managed to bring an uncomfortable story to the audience in which he took the notion of fear to a new dimension. The film enshrined Fincher as a narrator of the darkness in the mind of man. It also made the story an example of good plot and staging decisions. Without a doubt, an essential work in the Netflix movie catalog.

Spirited Away, by Hayao Miyazaki. The 2002 Oscar winner for best animated film is an extraordinary journey through a curious story, full of mythological references and high-caliber symbolism. Spirited Away is a modern classic that could not be missing from this list of Netflix movies.

‘Origin’, by Christopher Nolan. It is not easy for commercial cinema to take risks like the one Warner took when giving the green light to a film with a script as cryptic as that of Origin. It is not just a story that contains several at the same time. It is also an extraordinary tribute to cinema that demands much more from the public than its attention. And while there is a more than suspicious resemblance to the film Paprika (by Satoshi Kon), Nolan’s work shines on its own. Mix a formidable story with impeccable staging. It is often described as the “most Nolan” of all the director’s difficult filmography. A work like this could not be missing in this list of Netflix movies.

Forrest Gump, by Robert Zemeckis. No one expected the seemingly simple man’s story to become an American classic, but that’s what happened with Forrest Gump. This film marked an epoch by building a type of cinematographic language in which the digital supported the endearing script until creating an emotional whole that still makes many of the public shed tears. The epic of American optimism par excellence.

The Truman Show, by Peter Weir. The Truman Show is a lurid and brilliant critique of instant fame and the corrosive way that show culture can dehumanize the individual. The film is full of extraordinary moments. And the acting duel between Jim Carrey and Ed Harris is everything. A modern classic that is hidden among the Netflix movie catalog.

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