The Chicago Bulls have undoubtedly been the most dominant team of the 1990s. Winners of six rings in two “three-peat”, the truth is that Jordan’s prime was paired with a real team that helped the shooting guard climb to Olympus in world basketball. Within those teams, there are five players who won rings with the Bulls and perhaps you didn’t remember.

Trent Tucker

The shooting guard spent most of his career with the Knicks and was one of the NBA’s first great triplers. After unsuccessfully going through the Suns and Spurs, Tucker signed with the Bulls in 1992 for his last season as a professional. Contributing 39.7% 3-pointers on the season and 12/26 from the long distance in the playoffs, he was crowned champion in 1993 with the Bulls.

Luc Longley

The center was aiming for a draft bust after being the seventh pick in 1991, but with his arrival at the Bulls he became a role player highly valued by Jackson and Jordan. Since his arrival in 1994, Longley has carved out a niche for himself in the rotation and was an important part of the Bulls’ second three-peat, winning the 1996, 1997 and 1998 titles.

Craig Hodges

The point guard was an important part of the Bulls in his early titles, as in addition to winning three All-Star 3-Point Contests, Hodges was a very good pitcher in the league and a highly respected player in the locker room. With the Bulls, he won the 1991 and 1992 titles, before being surprisingly cut and unfairly “banned” by league teams for his fight for the rights of black people and his political protests, including an episode with former President Bush. .

John Salley

One of the Bad Boys who did the most damage to the Bulls in the late 1980s and after wandering around the league, he arrived at the Bulls in 1996 with a 10-day contract. His playoff experience was highly valued in the locker room but his role on the court was very minor and was reduced to trash minutes and some specific pairings.

Robert Parish

“The Boss” was a figure during the 80’s with the Boston Celtics, playing alongside Larry Bird and Kevin McHale, but the truth is that Parish played until he was 43 years old and in his last season got a last ring. The center signed with Chicago for the 1996-97 season and played 43 regular-season games and two others in the playoffs, to crown his career with a final championship.