Five great titles on cell phones for you to play with your friends

With these video games you ensure a good time with your friends.

To enjoy good video game on your cell phone, you don’t need company. You just have to have enough storage and good battery. However, when we play with our friends, there is no doubt that fun and entertainment multiplies. So, we are going to detail five Titles specifically, which are ideal for playing with our closest friends.

Battle royale video games

There are three video games of battle royale that you cannot miss on your cell phone. Some of those that we are going to mention need a good device, but if you have a mid-range, you will not have problems.

First of all we locate Free Fire. Not that it’s the best battle royale video game. The thing about this title is that it is compatible with almost any kind of cell phone. So that gives you an edge over the rest.

Then we have to talk about Fortnite. For this title we need a device with better power. The amount of modes, characters and weapons that it has, in addition to its interface, makes it consume a lot of RAM memory capacity. It also consumes data like no other, when you are not connected to Wi-Fi.

Another of the battle royale titles is Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG. With this game, whether online with strangers or with friends, there is no room for boredom. It is quite friendly to the low-mid range and has good graphics.

Ideal titles between friends

Two video games that are not battle royale, but intense and fun to play with friends are Among Us and Parchis, better known to all as « those who did not abandon you in the pandemic« .

There is no doubt that Among Us was the most popular of all. But the fights that Parchis unleashed were unmatched. So because of that precise detail, enter last in this count.