García Harfuch had become a target for criminal groups, since before occupying his current position he was head of the Criminal Investigation Agency, whose operations detained several cells of the CJNG. (Photo: .) (YURI CORTEZ /)

After the attack on Secretary of Public Security of Mexico City (CDMX), Omar García Harfuch, the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) announced that the accounts of 127 people who are related to the so far 21 detainees of the attack were frozen.

The accounts belong to both the now accused and their relatives and were frozen with the aim of preventing the use of earnings from assault to the official, according to Milenio.

This after the detainees announced that they had been offered the amount of 100,000 pesos for murdering García Harfuch.

Although the accounts are located in different parts of the Mexican Republic, they are concentrated mainly in two entities: Mexico City, the capital of the country, and in Jalisco.

According to the media, the institution is waiting for the 48-hour period to end and they can obtain full information on the accounts, amounts and places.

The attack took place on June 26 on one of the main avenues of the Mexican capital and was attributed to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), one of the strongest criminal organizations in the country.

The participants were instructed to designate another known criminal as the intellectual author: Nicolás Sierra Santana, « El Gordo Viagra », head of the Michoacan Family, CDMX (Photo: @ c4jimenez)

Despite the fact that the escorts tried to repel the attack of the criminals, the official was injured three timess and his personal chief of security died from around 40 shots.

According to certain sources, the actual order of the organization was riddle the vehicle and then set it on fire.

For years, García Harfuch had become a target for criminal groups, because before occupying his current position he was holder of the Criminal Investigation Agency, whose operations detained several CJNG cells.

In addition to the disclosure of the large payment for the attack, the investigation revealed that the participants were instructed to designate as intellectual author to another known criminal: Nicolás Sierra Santana, “El Gordo Viagra”, head of the Michoacan Family, who is currently in conflict with the CJNG for dominance of the Buenavista Tomatlán, Apatzingán, Nueva Italia and La Huacana areas.

(YouTube / Lalo Perez)

As for the attack, it is known that since two months earlier, the CJNG He had warned and threatened the official: « We are going to go with everything, » they told him. According to specialists, these attacks come as a consequence of the current government’s measures against this group of drug traffickers, with arrests and freezing of bank accounts.

Despite this type of investigation, on June 30 a video was released in which hooded men reportedly threatened the official accusing him of being a drug trafficker.

For Harfuch: you forgot that with a family group you killed family. We do not forget. You have hidden yourself in a « tray », as your father did. Repentant drug trafficker parents. Your father was also dedicated to killing people, shielded as a general […]

In the video three men appear, one seated and two others at the sides protecting him, while he reads the same letter shown on the back wall addressed to the official. However, they do not specify whether they belong to any criminal group.


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