Presumably it will share engine with the conventional variant

It will not hit the market until 2022

The Fisker Ocean, the American electric SUV, will have an ‘off-road’ version that will presumably be powered by the same engine as the original model.

The arrival of the Fisker Ocean to the market in 2022 it won’t stay there. The American manufacturer also develops an ‘off-road’ version of the model from which the first images have been filtered in the form of a render. In principle, its official presentation should take place next year.


He Fisker Ocean Orientation ‘off-road’ has a more aggressive aesthetic that from the beginning makes it clear that it is a vehicle that seeks to perform on the most difficult terrain. In this way, some protective bars are incorporated on the front or others arranged on the ceiling, where it also has two led lights.

The tires it incorporates are suitable for all terrain, in addition to its drawing for its broad profile. Wider wheel arches are also seen.

The hood of the car is especially striking, and not by itself, but because a spare wheel is located there. You can have another on the roof.


Hopefully this ‘off-road’ version of the Fisker Ocean Share propeller with conventional SUV. The set consists of two motors, one located on each axis. Their total power is unknown, but it is known that they are powered by a 80 kilowatt hours capacity that allows you to travel with a single charge up to 480 kilometers.

The peculiarities of this SUV will make the acceleration from 0 to 100 km / hour somewhat different from that of the conventional Ocean, estimated at 2.8 seconds.


Date Upgrade 04/06/2020 Fisker publishes the first teasers of the Ocean ‘off-road’.

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