‘Fisherman’s Friends (Onboard Music)’ – Five minutes

There are many stories like the one told by ‘Fisherman’s Friends (Music on board)’, movies like ‘Fisherman’s Friends (Music on board)’ … there are also many.

A film that is what it claims to be, which is also what it appears to be and that narrates the rise to fame of the Fisherman’s Friends, a group made up of ten Cornish sailors who managed to place their debut album among the 10 best-selling albums From United Kingdom. A disc formed by ancient salomas, songs that fishermen use to work in unison, increasing productivity and creating bonds between sailors.

Remember the beginning of ‘Take Down the Man’? Well that is, in what is undoubtedly also the best of ‘Fisherman’s Friends (Music on board)’, one of those films that we can judge by the cover of the book. It doesn’t matter how many pages you have. It is the movie that it claims to be, also the one it appears to be. To the letter and with a surprise factor that tends to be between none and zero. And yet it’s still entertaining to watch … or listen to.

Because we could hear it instead of seeing it, and the result would be practically the same. A very light, simplistic, friendly and well-intentioned comedy sustained by the charisma of those present here. Otherwise, no more than a story telegraphed from the beginning to the end: A conventional film to tell a typical story whose kindness can be mistaken for sloppiness. And although the boat floats, it is still a simple boat.

Because there are many stories like the one that ‘Fisherman’s Friends (Music on board)’ tells, but movies like ‘Fisherman’s Friends (Music on board)’ are still more.

By Juan Pairet Iglesias