Fish finish Pokémon Sapphire after 3000 hours of play

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You may remember that several months ago we told you that there were some fish “playing” Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, and that their adventure was being documented on YouTube. Well, if you thought they would never make it to the end of the game, we inform you that recently the fish managed to be the champions of Hoenn.

The YouTube channel む て き ま る ち ゃ ん ね る -Mutekimaru Channel- began the project to finish Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, specifically the Sapphire version, last June. Through an uninterrupted gameplay session, the owner of 4 Betta fish prepared a play station where with their movement from their fish tank they could control the protagonist of the game, Brendan.

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When we told you about them, the fish had already beaten 2 gym leaders and recently, after almost 3,196 hours, the fish managed to defeat the remaining gym leaders (6), the Elite Four (High Command) and the Champion of Hoenn, (Steven).

The feat was achieved by the 4 fish alternating their turn in command every 12 hours, so the channel was always in action in the almost 132 days of uninterrupted play. The Pokémon team of these aquatic animals consisted of Tentacruel (level 77), Mightyena (72), Manectric (72), Swellow (74), Walrein (73) and Camerupt (67) at the time of entering the Hall of Fame of Hoenn.

The 4 Betta fish became champions and found a curious bug

As you can see in the video below, the most difficult thing was getting to the Elite Four, because once in the building, it was a piece of cake for the fish, since their Pokémon were so powerful as to lose to rivals.

If you think that the path of these Betta fish (called Mutekimaru or Maurice) ended when they became Hoenn champions, you are wrong, because they are already on their new adventure to finish Pokémon Leaf Green.

The fish also proved to be good testers, as they discovered a bug during their game, which causes, under certain circumstances, the rocks that can be moved with the HM Strength to double when pushed. You can see it in action below, as can the battles against the Elite Four.

What do you think of this achievement? Did you think that fish would one day become champions? Tell us in the comments.

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