First trimester as a mom, Sophie Turner looks slim on the streets of LA

First trimester as a mother, Sophie Turner looks slim on the streets of LA (INSTARAM)

First Trimester As a Mom, Sophie Turner Looks Lean on the Streets of LA | INSTARAM

The beautiful and talented protagonist of the hit series “Game of Thrones”, Sophie Turner, has stayed somewhat away from social networks, as she has dedicated herself, like her husband, singer Joe Jonas, to caring of his little firstborn.

That’s right, Sophie has remained absolutely focused on her role as mother, so her life in the world of networks and entertainment has completely put her aside to focus on the most important thing: her family.

But, if she decides not to share her life through social networks, It does not mean that her fervent admirers who have found her walking get to take a photograph and hang it on their respective profiles, like the paparazzi who are only looking for a moment where artists are unprepared to capture them in an image.

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On this occasion, something similar happened, since, the celebrated Jonas Turner family She was seen again, while she was making her stroller ride through the streets of the city, through the area known as Encinos de Los Angeles, in California, United States, and Sophie could be seen, placidly and too happy, sharing beautiful moments with her little girl and her husband.

Something that we were able to notice very well is that, barely three months after the arrival of her first-born, the beautiful actress was seen again walking her little girl with her husband, as we have just mentioned, however It should be noted that she looks phenomenal, as she has recovered her slender figure.

At 24 years old, the beautiful British actress looks with all the love possible at her daughter, who was traveling in a blue and black stroller, whom she watched carefully while smiling happily and walking on a sunny morning.

The happy couple could be seen enjoying being parents and this is manifested in every Sunday outing and walk through streets lined with lush trees, within their neighborhood.

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With only three months of the birth of her baby, the Emmy Award nominee boasts a spectacular and slim silhouette, wearing a tight lycra wardrobe that shows that she is already in the measurements she wore in the past, in addition, she seeks to be comfortable as long as possible.

The actress who stood out in the hit series Game Of Thrones, wore her long hair with totally loose blonde locks, wearing a gray leggings to match a long-sleeved top and a round neck, an outfit that highlighted her narrow waist.

In addition, it was a beautiful gold chain, which stood out in her casual outfit, as well as a pair of white tennis shoes, and clearly, due to health continence, Turner wore a black mask with printed letters, as did her husband, the member of the band Jonas Brothers.

The truth is that the artist already shows a completely toned body, with everything in its place, in her postpartum stage, which shows that she feels recovered in a normality that is arriving with the passing of the months in her phase of pride Mother, we imagine that in this way, she shows that she takes perfect care of her diet and adds some light exercise routine, so as not to overexert herself and be able to dedicate herself together with Joe to taking care of the baby.