First trailer for Batman: the Long Halloween Part One released

The DC universe doesn’t stop. Despite the fact that things continue without much cohesion in the field of live action films, in animation the studio continues to do what it does best: adapt the most popular comics. Next on the way is about Batman: The Long Halloween Part One, inspired by the comics of the same name, and we already have the first trailer of the film that will show us one of the bat’s favorite adventures.

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Directed by Chris palmer, veteran storyboard artist for superhero productions, Batman: The Long Halloween Part One will feature the Dark Knight’s effort (to whom Jensen Ackles will lend a voice) to uncover the identity of a serial killer who commits holiday homicides every month. During his persecution, the vigilante must also deal with the violent war between two criminal families.

The preview of the film, which will have a second part to properly adapt the comics, reveals that we will see appearances of several Batman enemies such as the Joker, Catwoman, and Salomon Grundy. Also, just like in the comics, it seems that Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face, will play an important role in the plot. Here below you can see the first animated feature film trailer.

This will be the latest film in the DC animated series. It is preceded by Superman: Man of Tomorrow – 100%, rebut from the story of the Man of Steel in which we see a young Clark Kent who begins to protect the Earth when two alien threats appear in Metropolis. It was just last year when this film debuted that plans were announced for the film that now reveals its first trailer.

The last time we saw the bat in an animated adventure was in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War – 100%. That was a crossover film with just about every DC movie hero. In it, the group travels to Apokolips, home planet of the fearsome Darkseid to confront him. The plan goes awry and most of them die in battle and the alien tyrant manages to conquer Earth. It is the duty of the few survivors to find a way to solve the situation.

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None of those films, at least as far as is known, will be linked to Batman: The Long Halloween Part One. Given that this story also occurs in the early years of the orphan billionaire’s crusade against crime, it can be considered a new beginning for future animated films of the character. Although we will have to wait until we see her to know for sure.

Batman: The Long Halloween Part One It does not have a release date yet, but its premiere is expected to take place in the summer. It will be available in physical and digital formats. The second part is also scheduled for autumn this year, so there are only a few months to see what results from the adaptation of a comic that is spoiled by fans.

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