Through Variety we get the first official preview of ‘Archenemy’, the new movie written and directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer, the person in charge of the more than interesting ‘Daniel is not real’ that has recently been released in our country through Movistar +.

Joe Manganiello leads the cast of this thriller around Max Fist, who claims to be a hero of another dimension who accidentally fell on Earth, where he casually cannot use his powers, through a gap in space-time. .

No one believes him. Well, someone s: A teenager everyone knows by the nickname of Hamster …

The names of Amy Seimetz (‘The Girlfriend Experience’) and Glenn Howerton (‘AP Bio’) also stand out in the cast of this production by RLJE Films, Head Gear Films, the 3:59 by the Manganiello brothers and Elijah’s SpectreVision. Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller, brand new in 2021, we suppose, that after going through the Sitges Festival.

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