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The Grenadier from the INEOS brand is a new one hundred percent off-road vehicle, without concessions to luxury, functional, very capable and resistant. We have already tested it.

September 14, 2021 (08:15 CET)

Test the INEOS Grenadier

Because a myth if we have barely been able to roll a few kilometers with him? Because the English petrochemical company INEOS It is still betting on a market niche, which despite increasingly restrictive environmental regulations, has to continue to exist: that of the All-rounder, without major concessions to luxury, that is functional, capable and tough.

For this bet, INEOS It goes with everything, no bluffing and to prove it, it has partnered with industry leaders: BMW will supply the 6-cylinder engines, ZF gearboxes, Magna Steyr is in charge of the serial development of the new Grenadier off-road, while Gestamp will provide the The stringer chassis and Carraro will provide the suspensions. As a note to note, Magna Steyr has been producing the Mercedes G-Class since 1979 at its factory in Graz (Austria).


to get started air suspension is not available. A “traditional” spring and shock absorber system is much simpler and easier to repair as well as cash. Everything is thought to be useful, no frills.

INEOS Grenadier 16INEOS Grenadier

Thanks to your frame of side members and cross members combined with rigid axles, the towing capacity of the new INEOS Grenadier is 3.5 tonnes. On the other hand, its three available locks stand out: the front and rear electronically actuated and the central one that locks mechanically both in the normal gear ratio, and with the reduction gear, also manually operated.

To transmit all its thrust and traction to the surface where we want to circulate, there are two types of tires, both in steel and in alloy. The measurements are: 265/70 R17 and 255/70 R18 and among the compounds are Bridgestone All-Terrain (specific to the Grenadier) or the more extreme BF Goodrich All-Terrain T / A KO2.

At navigator has a Pathfinder mode, which uses GPS so that you find your way back even if there are no traffic signs or marked paths, very useful when you get lost doing off road. On the other hand, we cannot forget that the underbody of the vehicle is protected with steel plates.

INEOS Grenadier 18INEOS Grenadier


As abroad, the bet is for functionality, but without neglecting its occupants. Behind the wheel there is only a small display on which the different lights come on, since all the information from the rev counter, service temperatures and other information will be present on the 12.3-inch touch screen, which will also will show the connectivity options with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technologies (screen located in the center of the dashboard).

The Recaro seats They are resistant to water and stains and, in addition, offer great ergonomics and comfort both on and off the asphalt. These seats can be cleaned with a hose, and if water accumulates inside, just remove the plugs that act as a drain. There will also be different carpets and leather upholstery.

INEOS Grenadier 1INEOS Grenadier

At roof features a console where the interior lights, the front and rear locks, the descent control are activated… but there are up to 8 “blind” buttons at first, ready to work if the owner decides to install different accessories such as exterior work lights, beacons, front and rear winches … Whether it is original or later with accessories “Aftermarket”, the pre-installation is done.

Continuing with the elimination of superfluous or decorative elements, the electronic control units of the vehicle have also been reduced to the maximum (something very important today with the semiconductor crisis). For example, starting is done in a traditional way, putting the key in a bowler. With this very analogical bet, always as far as possible, it seeks to reduce the chances of something going wrong.

With all this, who dares to deny that the new INEOS Grenadier take the lead as a functional, capable, rugged and reliable off-roader that adapts to the harshest environments. A true 4×4 without compromise, or what was the old Land Rover Defender, and is no longer the new model much closer to the Discovery.

INEOS Grenadier 7INEOS Grenadier


The Manufacture of the new INEOS Grenadier will begin at the end of this 2021 in the factory that the brand bought from Mercedes in Hambach (France). The opening of reservations is scheduled for the beginning of October 2021 and the first deliveries to customers will be made in July 2022. And the price? It has not yet been revealed, but rumors suggest that in England it will start at about 43,000 pounds sterling; then it will be necessary to add the environmental taxes and fees of each country. But from INEOS they tell us that at the end of this month we will have more news. Interesting.

INEOS Grenadier: your technical data

INEOS GrenadierLength / width / height (m) 4,927 / 1,930 / 2,03 Wheelbase (m) 2,922 Towing capacity 3,500 kg Differential locks Front, rear and center Chassis Side members and cross members Permanent all-wheel drive 8-speed automatic transmission ZF. 285 HP 6-cylinder petrol engine (BMW origin) 245 HP 6-cylinder diesel engine (BMW origin)

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