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They will be here for you once again! If you are one of those who does not miss an episode of the endless broadcasts of Friends, HBO MAX is about to give you what you have asked for years: the reunion. That’s how it is, Friends: The Reunion, the special of the classic show, will hit the platform at the end of the month after several delays and the first preview already shows the six actors all together for the first time since the end of the program.

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According to Variety, Friends: The Reunion will hit HBO Max on May 17. A very short and low-key teaser was revealed alongside the announcement. As far as is known, the special is about a discussion between all the interpreters of the series about their memories and the legacy of the program. The episode was recorded in the same studio where the series was filmed and everyone, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry will return.

Here you can see the teaser that offers a really poor glimpse of what was once the iconic Friends series – 90%. We see the six actors and real-life friends walk together embracing in what appears to be the Warner Bros lot. The video ends with the phrase “When they all get back together” in a nod to the series’ tradition of naming. its episodes according to what happens in each one. The episode is one of the most anticipated television specials of the year.

Friends, in case you’re one of the few people who has never seen it, was an extremely popular comedy series that ran between 1994 and 2004. The story begins when Rachel (Aniston), Monica’s wealthy childhood friend (Cox), decides that she does not want to marry the man her family has approved for her and decides to go independent. This leads her to become one of Monica’s group of friends.

The show has become a mainstay of popular culture and also became one of the most expensive due to its ratings. Eventually, it was decided that season 10 would be the last, and since the outcome, fans have asked to see more of the group of friends. However, all the cast members were reluctant to have some kind of revival or movie to continue the story.

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However, a few years ago it was confirmed that the six actors had decided to return to record a reunion and that this would be an exclusive title for HBO Max, the Warner Media and AT&T platform. The fury for the show does not seem to have dissipated with all these years because it was just the first photo of Jennifer Aniston on Instagram, in which she appeared with all her friends, the one that became the fastest user in the history of that network social network to reach a million followers.

Friends: The Reunion will hit HBO Max on May 27. It is not clear if in Latin America there will be a way to see it on that date or if we will have to wait until the platform officially arrives in June. For now, what is a fact is that we will not have to wait more than two more weeks to see the group of friends again. Other celebrities are expected to participate in the special as well.

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