first signing of the prequel

The new adaptation of the story told by Stephen King on ‘Animal graveyard‘(1983) begins to take shape. Jackson White, actor we know for the great ‘Mrs. Fletcher‘(Tom Perrotta, 2019), will be in charge of interpreting Jud Crandall, the once old neighbor of the Creed who in his day interpreted the much more talludites Fred gwynne on ‘Living graveyard‘(Mary Lambert, 1989) and John lithgow in the recent ‘Animal graveyard‘(Dennis Widmyer, Kevin Kolsch, 2019).

At just 25 years old, White’s arrival at the project confirms its prequel status. “In general, I don’t start thinking about a sequel until the movie is a success, but I think there is a possible prequel here,” explained the producer. Lorenzo di Bonaventura after the premiere of the Widmyer and Kolsch film. “I think if you look at the book, it doesn’t cover everything that happened before, so I see a movie there, and I would be particularly interested in doing it, because it’s the source material and it could be very crazy. There are creepy feelings about it. “

Stephen King Not only is he one of the authors with the most novels made to the movies on the planet, but he is on his way to becoming the writer with the most remakes of adaptations to his credit. Usually these updated versions are benefiting from the visual balance the genre has achieved after topping the complex 2000s, but will this be one of those times when the excuse turns into an opportunity?

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