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For many years, video gamers have gotten used to paying $ 60 USD for AAA games that surprise us year after year. That said, it seems that things on the next generation of consoles will be different, as the first sign appeared that points out that games for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be more expensive than releases for the current generation.

NBA 2K21 – available on Amazon Mexico

What happens is that 2K Sports revealed new details about NBA 2K21, the new installment of its famous basketball series. One of the most interesting is that it reveals that this game will have different prices on PlayStation 5 and Xbox One than on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Google STADIA.

According to the official announcement, the current-generation version of NBA 2K21 will retail for $ 59.99 USD starting September 4. Later sometime in late 2020 a NBA 2K21 version will arrive for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S, which will be offered for $ 69.99.

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So NBA 2K21 will be $ 10 USD more expensive than AAA gaming standard for the last 15 years and 2 generations of consoles. It remains to be seen if other games for next generation platforms follow the same plan, but with the case of 2K Sports it is not unreasonable to think about it.

NBA 2K21 won’t offer free upgrade for next-gen

Something that has caught the eye is that games like Cyberpunk 2077 or FIFA 21 will have a free upgrade to next generation platforms. This through the Smart Delivery program on Xbox Series X or a special promotion on PlayStation 5.

Remember that distributors are the ones who choose whether they want to be part of these programs or not. In their case, 2K Sports won’t, but it will offer a way for players to get both versions of NBA 2K21 at a lower price than buying them separately.

What happens is that the NBA 2K21 Mamba Forever Edition will offer “dual access” to the current and next generation versions of NBA 2K21. This package will be offered in exchange for $ 99.99 USD, $ 20 USD for the next-gen version.

Why will NBA 2K21 cost more on next-gen platforms?

It is likely that this change is causing you doubts and that you want to know the arguments of 2K Sports to increase the price of its game on next generation platforms.

In a statement, a 2K Sports spokesperson informed Polygon that this increase « represents the value » of what it is offering. In other words, they say it is because it will take advantage of the « power, speed and technology » that is only possible on the next generation platforms.

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« While we are confident that NBA 2K21 will be a monumental step forward for the franchise and a next-gen visual show on consoles, we recognize that it is our responsibility to demonstrate this value to our fans and NBA 2K players. We are excited to do so and we cannot wait to show you more in the coming months, ”the company mentioned.

And what did you think of this price increase? Do you think we will see it in all games or will it be a unique case? Tell us in the comments.