First reviews and analysis of Macs with an M1 processor

Apple has given several units of its new Mac with an M1 processor to different media and communicators and they have just published their first evaluations of the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini with Apple Silicon processors.

macos big surMacBook with macOS Big Sur

The architecture change It puts Apple back in a multi-year transition process, and these new Macs are just the first stone along the way.

Expert opinions on Macs with an M1 processor

After a week testing new devices, these are the most detailed reviews and the main articles and videos on the new Macs with M1.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has made a complete analysis of the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air with M1 processor, these are some of their impressions.

What has impressed them the most is the low temperature that reach the new MacBook.

Fifty navigation tabs? The MacBook Air with M1 never exceeded 27 degrees Celsius. The Air with Intel technology? Thirty-five tabs caused his fans to rev up, and it hit 34 degrees.


It looks like the new MacBook Air has seemed very fast, with speeds similar to those found in an iPad Pro.

My first thought while using the M1-chip MacBook Air was that it felt like an iPad Pro. Running apps created natively for the M1, like Safari and GarageBand, feels as fast as launching an iPad app. Safari offers the best web browsing experience I’ve ever had on a computer.

Matthew panzarino

In this complete Twitter thread, Panzarino analyzes the MacBook Pro providing a lot of data and tests carried out. In his analysis for TechCrunch he is impressed by al battery duration.

The Verge

Rene Ritchie

Marques Brownlee


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First impressions of the new Macs with M1 are quite positive, although it is true that they are not computers for everyone. This transition is only beginning, and those who need more power and specific apps will have to wait a few months. But it is clear that Apple processors promise.