Paper Mario: The Origami King It is just over a week after reaching Nintendo Switch and some Japanese media have already been able to get their hands on it and publish their impressions. This is the case of Famitsu, the veteran Japanese publication that in its number this week brings the first review of the game where the four editors in charge of the analysis give it a « 9 », that is, a 36 out of 40 score.

In Nintendo everything The impressions of these four analysts have been translated from Japanese by their collaborator Oni Dino. The Spanish translation that we offer below in this article is based on that same work.

Wu Wa Man: The aesthetics of the game, based on the graphic style of Paper Mario: Color Splash It has been completely updated. The orginami characters are « super cute. » The comic tone of the Paper Mario series is found here to shovels, with tons of extra content such as restoring the world with confetti, looking for the Toads, etc. 360-degree battles have a puzzle-like feel but are fun and have a very energetic pace. In addition to the boss battles being more challenging, you can see that a lot of work has been done on the visual.

Ashida: The origami characters are excellent and are an important part of the innovation of the series. Whether it’s solving puzzles using the « 1000 Fold Arms » special ability or moving enemies around us and aligning them in combat, the whole game exudes freshness everywhere. There are also plenty of things to do other than follow the story, like finding the Toads and patching parts of the outside world. The characters have tons of animations which gave me the impression that the game has been done from the beginning with a lot of care.

Honma: Restore the destroyed parts of the outside world by solving puzzles using different mechanics or finding the Toads disguised as other objects. I have absolutely fallen in love with this game. They have also increased the difficulty of fighting using puzzle game elements: evolving from traditional turn-based gameplay, you now need to move the stage around you to find the proper enemy position. The style of the ladder * in boss fights is particularly excellent and the character of Olivia he is charming.

* Here Oni Dino refers to a way to create random pairings called in Japan Amidakuji. You can read more information in the link that accompanied the original translation, in English, or its Spanish version.

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Uchizawa: Like other games in the series, the way paper is used to build the world and solve puzzles is just brilliant. Like 360 ​​degree battles, they feel really exciting and novel and make you use your head for real. It is really satisfying when you come up with the solution and put it into practice. The game is quite simple but very well structured and with an exciting rhythm that leaves you with a good taste in your mouth. It always makes you feel like you are reading a good picture book. The maps have been designed very well and make getting collectibles and combining them very nice little details.

Paper Mario: The origami king comes to Nintendo Switch next July 17th. An extensive 10-minute gameplay has also been published and a few days ago we knew new details about the game thanks to the information published on its website.