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After unveiling the Civic Sedan, Honda now unveils the first photos of the new Civic Hatchback. The compact will arrive at the end of the year with a much improved interior and a more sporty design.

June 10, 2021 (11:45 CET)

Honda Civic 2022: first photos and official data of the new compact.Honda Civic 2022: first photos and official data of the new compact.

We already know what the Eleventh generation Honda Civic Sedan, The details of which the Japanese brand announced a few weeks ago, and very soon we will also check how its Hatchback version, the most popular in Europe. In fact, the company already announces its official premiere for next June 23, on YouTube and next to a virtual concert.

However, two weeks before Honda also unveils the first teaser of this new 2022 Honda Civic so that we can have an aperitif. On sale possibly at the end of the year, the compact will show many of the new design features of its sister Sedan variant, but also some modifications.

With an ever more sporty body style, The new 2022 Honda Civic will inherit the new front end seen on the Sedan, but in exchange it will offer a different roof line, with more fall and more sport, along with optics and a completely different rear. For now, for the United States they already announce its construction at the Greensburg, Indiana factory, while the Sedan is manufactured in Alliston, Canada.

The interior of the new Honda cars, in detailThe interior of the new Honda cars, in detail.

For within, the new Honda Civic 2022 should not be differentiated from the new Sedan, already unveiled by the brand and also announced as a Revolutionary new interior that will set all your upcoming cars. As you can see in the pictures, his configuration is simpler, minimalist and practical, giving a more advanced appearance.

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Although at the moment there are no great details, and only sketches have been advanced, the interior will feature a new 9-inch touchscreen, accompanied by a series of controls from which the air conditioning will be regulated, among other functions. Its designers have ensured that “we want users to access the usual functions easily and quickly”. New high-quality materials, an unprecedented steering wheel and an enlarged windscreen, with new pillars and the hood in a lowered position, will complete this also very sporty atmosphere.

Honda civic hatch 3Honda Civic 2022: one of the first official images.

At the moment there is also no official confirmation of the mechanical range of the new compact, although everything indicates that in the United States, where it is already being announced, it will have the same offer of the Sedan. This implies betting on a 2.0 naturally aspirated gasoline engine with 158 hp and a 1.5 turbo 180 hp. Both would arrive standard with a CVT automatic transmissionAlthough Honda does confirm on the Sedan that a 6-speed manual transmission will also be available, possibly reserved exclusively for a future Type R sports variant.

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