Monday begins the first phase of the reopening plan
of the state that excludes South Florida counties. However, in Miami-Dade
a municipality passed a resolution to reopen businesses no
essential and another local government is analyzing it.

Miami Beach commissioners discussed it today
at the city meeting … but here in Miami Lakes, the Commission approved
unanimously forms a resolution asking the governor of Florida to
include in Monday reopening.

In Miami Lakes, businesses considered not
Essentials are closed by pandemic. But this resolution, passed
last night the commission asked the county and the state to reopen those

Manny Cid, Mayor of Miami Lakes, said that “the
small businesses that reopen immediately on Monday, and the county mayor
I also ask the county mayor for an opportunity to reopen Monday. ”

According to Mayor Manny Cid, Miami Lakes has not
registered new cases of covid-19 in the last week. “We have the same
cases more than 7 or 8 days ago here in our community ”, he assures. Also, he says
that people need to work.

“Unemployment in Northeast County is the most
high of the entire nation, it is a very big problem … we have to work the
two, I am more than sure that we can reopen in a way that the
cases again, all wearing masks and wiping their hands, ”said the mayor.

The Miami Beach commission for its part, today
analyzed a similar resolution. But this also asks the mayor Carlos Giménez
the reopening of its beaches at certain times while maintaining social distance.

In addition, they request the authorization of
cleaning volunteers in groups of less than ten people … Commissioner Michael
Góngora explained that they would be working on a reopening plan to present
to the county.

“We are not going to do it until we
we have passed our process and when we pass our process everything goes to
the medical experts we have here working with the Department of Health AND
Before opening I am going to consult with the governor ”, says Giménez.

Governor Ron DeSantis excluded Miami-Dade,
Broward and Palm Beach’s first phase of reopening of the state on Monday.

Mayor Carlos Giménez says he will meet
with leaders from all three counties to coordinate a reopening in the future. Miami
Lakes, meanwhile, hopes to have a response from the governor as soon as possible.