First Party data: this is how websites will collect our data when cookies disappear in 2022 | Industry

The increasingly maligned cookies are going to die. First Party data will replace cookies in 2022. What exactly is it, and how is it going to affect us?

The end of cookies is set for 2022. Thereafter, the websites will not be able to use them to collect data about us.

It has been an effective marketing tool for decades, but its ethics leave much to be desired, as in few cases did we know what data they collected from us. And, until recently, they didn’t even ask us for permission.

The death of cookies puts companies and commercial websites in a compromise, because they will not be able to continue collecting data with this system for their market studies. The solution is called First Party data, a different and much more ethical and honest way of collecting information for marketing.

The First Party data They are data obtained first-hand from clients, users, or visitors to a website, because they have been the ones who have agreed to offer them.

Unlike cookies, which are collected behind their backs, or in the background, First Party data is collected directly from the users themselves, who at all times have been informed and have given their consent, or have even voluntarily provided such data, through a survey, for example.

There are already marketing companies such as Omega CRM that have specialized in techniques and strategies to obtain Fist Party data. In a press release, they explain the different methods that the websites will use to obtain them.

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What the web pages are going to do is determine the data they need from their users, and use consent management platforms (CMP), which are the ones that ask for permission to collect this information.

Unlike cookies, since there is explicit consent and the data is even provided by the user, there may be personal content associated with name, profession, email, etc.

How will companies collect this First Party data? There are several methods:

Lead generation forms

They are the classic polls. A series of short questions to know the tastes, or some data of the user. Their effectiveness is high if they are carried out often.

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The classics news or updates emails they will be protagonists again in 2022. It is a way for websites to connect with their users, and to make them enter certain content that interests them.

The normal thing is that there are several different newsletters, and according to which the user chooses to subscribe, it will give clues about their tastes.

User Communities

Tools such as forums, or comments on news, products, or blog posts, with contacts between users and with those responsible for the web, because it is a very valuable way to obtain data on opinions, tastes, needs, improvements, etc.

Interactive formats and gamification

By involving users in games, contests, or interactive elements, where they have to choose, information about their personality and tastes is obtained.

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Premium content under subscription

Since it will be more difficult to make money with data and advertising, many websites will choose premium content by subscription, to generate income and to calibrate the type of content that interests you.


The e-commerce is going to become one of the main sources of First-Party data, since here you get a lot of information about tastes and trends, when a user reviews articles, or buys them.

As we can see, it seems that data collection will be carried out in a more sensible and ethical way when cookies disappear in 2022, because First Party data is provided by the user himself, with his consent, and at all times he knows what the web or the company collects about him.

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