First ‘match ball’ for Atlético de Madrid’s eleventh league


Act. At 10:39 CEST

Arnau montserrat

Atlético de Madrid is one step away from being league champions. So close and yet so far. Two days ahead with a first ‘match ball’ today starting at 6.30pm. In a unified day. Those Sundays that take us to yesteryear where the members of the squads who were on the bench lived their own game with a headset on for the rest of the day. Radio in its purest form.

Simeone’s men are looking for the eleventh league in the club’s history. The second since the Argentine coach landed on the mattress bench. Cholo has had a hard time in recent times where it has even been questioned whether he should be the coach of Atlético de Madrid. That was a couple of months ago. Coinciding with the worst streak of the Madrid team in this league. A championship that they had on track adding 50 points out of 57 possible in the first round, where they had a 13-point advantage with Barça and Madrid and that they almost threw overboard. They are still on time.

The eleventh when falling

The purest ‘cholismo’ served to redirect the path. Recover defensive solidity, pull ‘unocerismo’ when necessary and above all, the suffering for the flag. Knowing how to hold the results when the fight is tightened. Save penalties in the last minute. Live every second of the game as if it were your last. Seeing the most passionate Simeone in the bench area is the best sign to know that the ‘cholismo’ has not died. I was just partying.

They will win the league if they want to. Neither Madrid nor especially Barça have shown that they deserve it. Atlético de Madrid will be champion today if they beat Osasuna at the Wanda Metropolitano and Real Madrid lose or draw at San Mamés. The colchoneros have won nine of their last ten games against the ‘rojillos’. What is certain is that if they win, they will leave Koeman’s Barça out of the fight, who would only remain alive on the last day if they beat Celta and Atlético de Madrid punctures before those of Arrasate.

They like to suffer

Suffering has returned to the surroundings of the Wanda in this final stretch of the campaign. Normal. The rojiblanco DNA is impregnated with the verb suffer. They love. You just have to pull the newspaper library to see how they have won the ten titles that appear in their record. In nine of them, Atlético de Madrid has won them on the last day. Only in 76-77 were they proclaimed champions in the penultimate league round.

You don’t have to go far back to see the latest precedent. Godín’s goal at the Camp Nou in the 13-14. The Tata season, the pistachio polo season, the sale of a Villa that triumphed in the mattress team and was key to the conquest. A simile too similar to that of Luis Suárez this season. The Uruguayan, who has dropped his scoring performance lately, has 19 league goals. Many of them decisive. It is not wrong to say that it was a bargain, a bargain for the Cholo. Sabina already said it … ‘What a way to suffer …’.

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