first Locatelli and then Pjanic

The market this summer 2021 is idling compared to previous ones. The economic ravages caused by the pandemic in the big clubs give rise to negotiations that are prolonged in time, both for entries and exits of players. As reported MD , Massimiliano Allegri, in his second stage as a technician of the Juventus, wants to take back to Turin Miralem Pjanic, but the Bosnian midfielder from FC Barcelona it is pending that the necessary times are fulfilled so that that trip back to the capital of Piedmont, where it triumphed, takes place. Tuttosport, a reference medium in information about Juve, advanced that in the ‘vecchoa signora’ they are now engaged in closing the priority arrival of Manuel Locatelli, but that Pjanic must be the second “expected reinforcement for the midfield” ‘bianconero’.

Barça’s need to lighten the salary mass in its dressing room must adjust to the negotiation ‘tempo’ required by parallel objectives of other clubs, in this case Juve. Tuttosport assured that “in the next few hours” the conversations with the Sassuolo to accelerate the signing of Locatelli, the chronologically priority midfielder in Turin and who “has reached the decisive moment of the negotiations”. It will be the third summit between clubs in the last month by the Italian international midfielder. But if at the beginning the signing of Locatelli was pointed out as a dilemma with Pjanic, it seems clear that for Allegri there is no choice: he wants both to close the period of registration in the wide zone. The coach’s plan would overcome the resentment of some voices in the Turin club at the possibility of bringing Pjanic and the former Barça team together Arthur Melo, for being the way of implicitly admitting that that 2020 barter was a mistake.

But first things first and it’s Locatelli. The general director Federico Cherubini will present an improved offer compared to that of ten days ago. The idea is to achieve a two-year transfer from Sassuolo that is a kind of deferred purchase and that is close to the player’s valuation, about 35 million euros, in addition to increasing the percentage of a future sale of Locatelli if it occurs. If it sets, it will be Pjanic’s turn.

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